22 Aug 2013

Inside my August beauteco box

Ooooh look it's my August *Beautco Box!  I was really excited to receive this box as I knew it was going to contain two lovely lip products from Lord and Berry.  Beautco's beauty subscription service allows you to choose what kinds of products will arrive in your monthly box from a choice of three menus, so that's how come I knew I was getting these pretties.  

As well as this lovely Lord and Berry lip liner in the shade blossom and lipstick in peach gleam, I also received S5 calm serum which is for redness and sensetive skin - I get quite a bit of redness so I knew I'd want to give this a go.  The other two products in the box I was less fussed about but still happy to try - Melvita orange blossom floral water spray and an Arran Aromatics lavender and tea tree facial wash.  The lip products are the stand out items for me - it's not often enough that you see a makeup item in a monthly beauty box, so to get two is great.  I think I'd be a big fan of any all make-up beauty box if one ever comes out - now that would be amazing!

If you fancy subscribing to Beauteco Box you can pick from a choice of three different boxes including this one - check out the others here - Beautecobox.co.uk.  



  1. I'm interested in trying this out and I see you can earn points for inviting a friend - please would you send me an invite? beautecobox [at] txteva [dot] co [dot] uk

    1. I'm sorry I don't think I can send you an invite as I don't have an account. You can just sign uo directly, but if you're being kind and want someone to have the points I'm sure you could ask on twitter :)

  2. I love the colour of the lord berry lip liner!

    Gemma xx



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