18 Aug 2013

Little updates - where have I been?

So where have I been?  If you came look for a new post last week and left disappointed I'm so sorry!  I always like to plan for any absences from blogging either by scheduling or roping in some guest posters, but I really wasn't expecting to be unable to blog, well certainly not for a whole week!  I've just been very busy with work, getting home late and generally feeling too tired and rubbish to do anything.  On top of that I went to Germany for a couple of days for work, and my laptop decided to have a monumental meltdown yet again.  I've come to the conclusion that Windows 8 must hate google chrome, because it's got to the point where all I'll have open is google chrome and I still get a massive crash or worse, a corruption.  I've been trying to ween myself off chrome and onto IE, but I miss chrome terribly, and there's some things I need, like ipiccy, which just don't work in IE at all.  It's all driving me just a little bit insane, but anyway, rant over, let's look at pictures of food and cute bunny rabbits.


1 - the new blackberry and elderflower Pimms is where it's at - I love this stuff
2 - little cutie pies woody and Jessie came to stay with me for a week - and it's true, bunnies love carrots
3 - I love looking out at the clouds when I'm flying - this was on my way back to London from Frankfurt
4 - amazing Milka with smarties that I picked up in Germany - I was so tired I had this for dinner the night I got back!


1 - the week before I went along to the launch of Illamasqua's gorgeous new collection - the sacred hour
2 - I love everything I've tried and will be blogging about it all asap - I'm especially liking skin base lift concealer
3 - I was papped and appeared on Illamasqua's facebook page!  That's the David Horne applying skin base lift under my tired eyes and London Beauty Queen is watching
4 - another existing new launch is the velvet goth nail polish collection from models own - I blogged about these today


1 - more pretty polishes, this time super glittery ones from L'Oreal
2 - and this is the nail art I was shown how to recreate with the new L'Oreal polishes 
3 - I'd been needing an excuse to try L'Oreal's nails √° porter press-on nails, so when I broke a nail last night and had to file mine down I wasn't even sad and whacked these straight on.  I love the design.
4 - jumping on the bandwagon with my maybelline babylips 


1 - as you can possibly tell, Slimming World has had to take a bit of a back-seat lately.  Although I did try making their recipe for scotch eggs - sadly I didn't like them
2 - I also tried the 'big mac in a bowl' recipe, which I did like - it really tastes like a big mac!
3 & 4 - my first shake shack experience was delish - now to try five guys


1 - dinner at Inamo with Jayne for her birthday 
2 - the food was tasty and the interactive ordering is fun, but the service was diabolical! 
3 - also for Jayne's birthday, I attempted to dress up as Bella from Breaking Dawn part 2 for a night in Road House, Covent Garden
4 - Jayne looked amazing as Poison Ivy


1 - Starbucks treat after getting up early to raid Primark before the crowds
2 - I like passionfruit anything, especially cocktails
3 - in a moment of pure weakness I bought these exciting cheesecake biscuits and promptly ate them for breakfast
4 - trying to negate some of the bad stuff with some freshly picked blackberries from my garden

Hopefully normal blogging will resume as of now.  If any of you are super technical and know why google chrome seems to crash my Windows 8 laptop (Sony Vaio) or can link me to some info about how to fix it, I'd be eternally grateful!  

Thanks for sticking with me and have a great week xx



  1. Vanilla cheesecake digestives?? Holy mother of god I'd eat them for breakfast lunch AND dinner if I was you... good to see you back


  2. I must try this big mac in a bowl! Vanilla cheesecake biscuits sound divine! glad you're back blogging :)

  3. I hope you manage to sort your Chrome issues, I much prefer it to IE and would hate to be forced back to the dark side!

    You looked fab as Bella!

    I really want to try the Big Mac in a bowl but keep forgetting to buy the stuff, I will remember when I do my shop next week! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. Thanks hun :) I think I have - you can get google chrome as an app for Windows 8 / select an option for it to run in a Windows 8 mode and that seems to be working for me - fingers crossed! xxx


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