8 Aug 2013

My anti-shine kit for keeping oily skin matte

I've got oily combination skin, so in the warmer months I stage a continuous one woman battle against 'the shine'.  We want our faces to glow, heck we might even add hi-lighters and shimmers and what not, but shine, we don't like that.  Keeping oily skin matte is not easy - in extreme heat it's near impossible - so I keep a variety of weapons as my disposal for inter-changing in my routine depending on how hot it is and where I'm going / what I'm doing.

First up, I use a toner specifically designed to reduce oiliness in the skin.  I've been using *Origins' Zero oil.  It's a water-like toner that I just swipe all over with a cotton pad to instantly mattify the skin and shrink the appearance of my pores with no stinging or tight feeling.  Next I used a mattifying moisturiser - the best one I've tried this summer is *Morning Dew from Amie - it's a non-greasy moisturiser that hydrates my skin well whilst sinking straight in leaving a smooth matte base for my makeup.  It's so well suited to my oily and dehydrated skin, and it's only £4.95 for a big 100ml size.

I rarely skip primer, but in the summer it's an absolute essential - sometimes I even layer up more than one at a time to maximise and combine the benefits!  If I'm going to be outside and need to protect my skin from the sun, I'll start with *KIKO's city filter sunscreen primer.  It's spf 50, but isn't thick like a normal sunscreen and doesn't leave me with a ghostly white complexion - it goes on like a moisturiser but it's a little more balm-like in texture.  It's not for oily skin as such, so I'll use it as a base primer and to get my sun protection before layering over with either *shine killer from NYX or MUA's matte perfect primer.  Shine killer is one of the jelly style silicon based primers, so it leaves a really velvety finish to the skin and my makeup literally glides on over the top.  I really like the finish I get from this, but I find it can't keep me shine free all day.  But, I can carry this around for touch-ups as it can be applied both under and over makeup, so I'll take this with me if I'm going out after work.  NYX is about to launch at Next, so it'll finally be really accessible to us in the UK.  For the price, MUA's matte perfect primer is pretty amazing - again it doesn't keep shine away the whole day, but it does a very good job and it also sits well with my foundation - I can't believe this only costs £4.

If I want anything to stay on my oily lids another primer is in order.  I usually go for Urban Decay primer potion or lately the NARS eye shadow primer, which generally makes any eyeshadow put on top look a bit more matte than it would be otherwise.  I've been trying a new primer from *KIKO - pearly eye base -  which gives a pearly finish instead of matte.  It's not got the longest staying power on me because of my super oily lids, but it's a really nice, smooth and even base for eye shadow, which does what it says on the tube - it gives a pearly finish which enhances the eye shadows you put on top and generally brightens the eye area.

Finally, if I'm expecting warmer weather and a potential shine-fest, I'll always set my makeup with a mattifying powder and a spritz of setting spray.  Currently I'm using 17's miracle matte which is an almost translucent powder which doesn't add any cakey-ness or colour, it just adds an extra layer of anti-shine protection.  It's not as good as another matte powder I had from Gosh, but that fell out of my handbag one day - I'll review it properly once I've bought a replacement.  The current setting spray I'm using is Collection fix me up, which is another bargain buy that's much better than some alternatives I've tried which cost about quadruple the price - although it is only an 18ml size, so maybe I'm being tricked into thinking it's cheaper!  Regardless, I really rate this product - it's one of those things you really notice when you've forgotten to use it - it does really well to lock all of my other products in, and as a result, it keeps the shine locked up a bit longer too.

It might seem like a lot of products but I do have a very oily t-zone and together this helps to keep it under-control as much as possible.  I'd love to hear any shine beating tips from you too - please leave them in the comments.



  1. The Amie moisturiser sounds good, I'll have to give that a go - still on the hunt for a good day time moisturiser!
    Also loving that Nyx is coming to Next! Yay! xoxo

  2. I love the Amie products, the whole range smells gorgeous. I can't seem to find them in shops that often anymore though.


  3. I have very oily skin, thanks for sharing these products.

  4. Great post, I really want to try the Zero Oil cleanser and toner by Origins, have heard great things! XO


  5. 17 miracle matte looks so promising, I have the same issues going to try it!Thanks hun!!

  6. I've been wanting to try the Zero Oil toner as I'm currently lacking a toner in my skincare routine and suffer from oiliness, I've heard good things about it x


  7. I use (and love!) Revlon's Phototready primer, I have really oily skin and this keeps it matte pretty much all day :) I generally use the Colourstay foundation which is also matte, but it works with other foundations as well :) x

  8. wo0ow you go girl thats an amazing job for covering those oils..

  9. Thnaksss For the great helping post <3


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