13 Nov 2013

Christmas gifts 2013 - Neom scents of Christmas

Neom make my favourite luxury candles, so naturally I'd be thrilled with a Neom Christmas gift, and what could be better than unwrapping a gorgeous organic Neom candle?  Ummm, how about unwrapping three...

*Neom's stunning scents of Christmas gift set contains three perfect travel sized candles in beautiful festive looking glass jars.  

In sparkling silver we have Harmonise - a divinely fresh winter with pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus - I had the large version of this one last Christmas and it's perfect for cosy winter evenings.  

The rose gold - my favourite to look at - is filled with Neom's comforting candle - I've not tried this one before but it smells amazing, it's probably my favourite scent of the three as well as having the prettiest packaging.  I can immediately smell oranges, and other deep, earthy fragrances - it's cedarwood, vetiver and star anise with hints of orange and liquorice - an unusual combination to me, but I really like the effect.  

And finally in the gold is Christmas Wish - probably your Christmas Day candle, or maybe Christmas Eve.  It's a true traditional spicy and fruity Christmas scent, but with an added something special - it contains mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean and it reminds me of mulled wine and Christmas trees - I might even burn this when we're putting up our decorations :)  

Do you have anything from Neom on your Christmas list? 



  1. What a gorgeous trio, they would make a lovely gift for someone special (me)

    1. The boyfriend is on strict instructions that he is not to light these when i'm out! He's rather partial to my special candles!

  2. My stepmom once told me that candles are an impersonal gift to give during the holidays. I thinks he's COMPLETELY INSANE because I love receiving candles! This looks like a great set!

    - Miranda from www.SlashedBeauty.com

    1. Someone told me this last year when I wrote a post on candles as Christmas gifts - I don't get that either!


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