4 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 1 - matte glitter accents

This week I'm going to be doing a series on really easy nail art for the party season - if you follow me on instagram you'll have had a sneak peek of a few of my designs already...

For this look I've played around with two new polishes I just picked up - one a regular matte and the other a matte glitter, for a slightly different twist on the usual glitzy festive nails.  

The pinky taupe colour is the shade vanilla from Barry M's new matte collection.  I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it on the stand - it's my perfect kind of colour and I had to have it.  I'm not usually a huge matte fan, but I made an exception for this and anyway, you can always add a shiny topcoat to a matte polish.  

I painted all of my nails with the pinky taupe matte, and then once it was dry I went about doing some accents with Gosh's frosted silver from their glittery matte finish frosted sand collection.  I went for full coverage on my ring finger and only needed one coat of the Gosh polish.  I like a good full coverage glitter - if I'm trying to do a look like this using anything less drives me mad and takes forever.  

I decided the glitter was too pretty to just have one nail on each hand, so I grabbed a dotting tool, dipped it in the silver glitter polish and made some haphazard spots and dots over all of the other nails.  

If you don't have any dotting tools you can get them really cheaply for just a couple of pounds on ebay or amazon, or you can do a little DIY at home.  A kirby grip with a bobbly end works well for tiny dots, or you could even pop a little round of blu-tack onto the end of a pen and that would give you the same effect in whatever size you like.  

What do you think?  Would you give this a try?


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