10 Nov 2013

Easy party season nail art - look 7 - snowy night nails

For the last in my week of easy nail ideas I thought I'd do something a little bit more interesting and with more of a theme, but don't worry, it's still really easy to do...

To get this snowy night effect I painted my nails with a deep blue for a night sky type feel, then roughly painted the tips white as a background for my snow.  

While the white polish was still wet I sprinkled on some of this amazing iridescent glitter like this one from ebay.  It has big chunks as well as fine glitter, and I moved the larger pieces into place for a slightly more even look.  Finally I added some of these cute little snowflake stickers to finish my snowy night - I recommend adding these once your polish is completely dry, otherwise the corners tend to curl and not stick properly.  Perfect nails for Christmas Eve, don't you think?

That's the end of my week of easy nail art ideas - I hope you enjoyed it :)



  1. They are so gorgeous! Definitely need to get some of those snowflakes :) xx

  2. So festive! I have been trying to get better at Nail Art. The snowflakes are a pretty touch


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