22 Nov 2013

My first La Prairie skincare experience and review

I love trying new skincare, but I've never ventured to a super high end counter before, so my first experience with La Prairie was extra exciting...

My friend Heather and I went along to the La Prairie counter at Selfridges and we were sat down with a La Prairie skincare expert for consultations.  It was fascinating to hear about the heritage of the brand as I knew very little about the background of the products.  

La Prairie is a Swiss skincare brand which prides itself on pioneering research and breakthroughs in anti-ageing and cellular therapy.  Their age-fighting cellular complex is exclusive to the brand.  La Prairie don't strive to be the first with each new technology, but they ensure that each of their products is always the best of the best.  Their quest is to find ways to formulate products to keep skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible.  

My lovely consultant Wendy (definitely ask for her if you're checking out the La Prairie counter at Selfridges on Oxford Street) listened to all of my skincare issues and was able to recommend something from the La Prairie line for every problem I could come up with.  She particularly recommended the *cellular 3 minute peel for my combination skin and enlarged pores.  She also suggested a moisturiser which would tackle dehydration and fine lines without over-greasing - the *anti-ageing emulsion.  

The cellular 3 minute peel is amazing.  It's a light gel which you brush on to a clean face in an even layer and leave on for precisely 3 minutes - no longer because it's really powerful, professional level stuff.  Wendy recommended that I use this once a week and it should be the only exfoliating product in my routine.  

The peel contains professional strength AHAs, BHA, salicylic acid and fruit acids to exfoliate the skin and bring fresh young cells to the surface.  

I've found the peel really pleasant to use, and applying it with the brush makes it feel quite luxurious and puts me in mind of a spa treatment.  The brush helps to apply the product evenly and makes it easy to trace around my eye area without getting the gel too close.  As Wendy had advised, you feel a tingle when the mask is on, and that means it's working.  I wash the mask off with a muslin cloth and warm water, and it leaves me skin feeling super clean and looking brighter and the next time I apply my makeup I can see that my pores are much less prominent.  

I've also been using the anti-ageing emulsion as my daytime moisturiser.  I've been surprised at how light and easily absorbed it is considering it's packed with such potent ingredients.  The emulsion fights against skin microstress which can accelerate the ageing process, plus it's SPF 30, stimulates cell turnover and collagen production and relaxes expression lines all whilst hydrating the skin too.  

At first I was worried the anti-ageing emulsion wouldn't be moisturising enough as it's light and was absorbing so quickly as I applied it.  Although I have combination skin, because it's Winter now my skin is getting drier - much drier than it's ever been before in my life - maybe that's a sign of ageing too!  But actually, I was surprised at how comfortable and hydrated it made my skin feel - I think this is because of the way Wendy explained the product creates an invisible film on the skin to prevent moisture loss by locking it in.  

I've not noticed any big changes in terms of anti-ageing with this yet, but I'm keen to spot some signs of the 'relaxed expression lines' that the product claims to deliver, as those are my biggest niggle.  

Heather also received lots of customised skincare advice and partly because she has a young baby she was recommended the *anti-ageing stress cream which we were told is also perfect to use during pregnancy.  The idea with this cream is that it's deeply moisturising to help erase the signs of skin stress and ageing and it contains botanical ingredients which are said to be great alternatives to chemicals and injections.  La Prairie say it has a similar effect on the skin to the one yoga has on your body - it relaxes the skin and improves the firmness and elasticity.  

She was also recommended to try on of La Prairie's newest releases - *anti-ageing eye and lip contour cream.  I'm really jealous she has this because it sounds perfect for me - I think I forgot to talk about my eyes during my consultation!  The eye and lip contour cream is to be applied around the eye area and along the lines than can form from the edges of your nose and down to the corners of your lips.  It works to smooth and perfect the skin as well as minimising dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.  I think Heather might need to share a little of this one with me, I am nearly a whole year older than her after all, so I need it more!

I absolutely loved getting such a professional skin consultation and the chance to try such a well respected and trusted skincare brand.  La Prairie is not within everyone's budget - it would certainly be a considered purchase for me - but if you can afford it, you're treating your skin to some of the most advanced and refined anti-ageing technologies out there.



  1. Great review, I have never heard of this brand before. This products sound amazing.

  2. I wish I could afford the skincare from here! xx


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