27 Nov 2013

New in from L'Oreal

I've been trying some of L'Oreal's latest releases including a super light-weight foundation and a lipstick worn by Cheryl Cole...

*Nude magique eau de teint foundation - 110 warm ivory
L'Oreal's launch of the nude magique foundation is one I've been waiting for for ages - the same foundation with a slightly different name has been sold in the US for months.  I'd originally popped this on my drugstore wish list, but it was literally just launching into our shops at around the time I went away, so I decided to go for the UK version.

It's an unusual foundation and not really like anything I've tried before - L'Oreal say it's their lightest foundation ever for a perfect bare skin look.  I can't get over just how little product you need to use - literally a fingertip dab or two.  It's a refreshing change from thick and heavy foundations and it makes for a much more mess-free application as there's less product to be flying around.  If you don't like applying foundation with your fingers you might not get on so well with this one as it's designed for that most basic of application techniques and might not work in the same way with a brush.

The shade range on this foundation isn't huge - just six colours - but I have a super-average skin tone, so there's usually always a colour for me.  It's a light to almost medium coverage foundation, as you might expect seeing as it's so light-weight - not usually my favourite intensity, but I'll persevere with this as a good concealer on a better skin day because I love the novelty of feeling like I hardly have any foundation on at all and like my skin can breathe.

*Color Riche collection priveé lipstick - Cheryl's nude - barely greige
I've tried Chery'ls tan and her hairspray, so trying out her lipstick is surely a natural progression.  I like to think I have similar colouring to Cheryl - I accept the similarities end there - so I thought it was quite likely her lippie would suit me and I think I was right.  It's a lovely pinky-nude that's quite sheer, which makes it really wearable and totally safe from concealer-lip territory.  It's actually described as 'barely greige' which puts me more in mind of nail polish colours and confuses me a bit forlips.  The formula is creamy and moisturising and I'm really enjoying using this - new handbag staple.  I also really like Julianne Moore's shade from this range, which is a peachy nude.

*Volume million lashes noir excess - extra black
And lastly I've also been trying a new-to-me L'Oreal mascara.  I only have little lashes, but this mascara makes the most of what nature gave me in one swift and easy coat.  It has a new anti-clumping brush design which seems to work because this doesn't clump on application for me.

I like my mascaras to be extra black - this ticks that box and without flaking - although FYI I only use this on my upper lashes - it's always Clinique bottom lash mascara on the bottom.

Have you tried out any of the new L'Oreal goodies?


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