18 Nov 2013

Organic Surge beauty blogger bundle special offer

Organic Surge have put together a special *Beauty Blogger Bundle just in time for Christmas...

The special bundle includes four of Organic Surge's most popular products and at £20.95 for the set you save 13% on the regular prices of buying each individually.

Included in the bundle is the Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel which I've tried before and really like - it's a super zesty and refreshing shower gel for the morning.  Also there's the Lavender Meadow hand and nail cream which I previously reviewed here.    The other two products in the bundle are new to me - Blissful daily moisturiser and 2 minute moisture mask.  I've not tried the moisturiser yet but I've been using the moisture mask every day since I got it - it's intended as an occasional treatment but my hair's been feeling so rough and dry that I've been slathering this on daily and my hair's really enjoying it.

The beauty blogger bundle is available for a limited time at Organicsurge.com



  1. This sounds really nice! If I didn't already have so many products to use at home I'd probably buy this! :)



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