31 Dec 2013

2013 beauty favourites

I've been terrible at favourites posts this year and haven't done one for a few months, so I thought I'd try to redeem myself a little with a round up of my favourites over the year.  I'm thinking about doing a monthly 'faves and fails' in 2014 to give a round up of the best and worst products I've tried (in my opinion) as I think it might be time to bring a bit of balance and reveal the products I don't like alongside the ones I do - what do you think?

Anyway onto my favourites of 2013 and first up it's eye products.  I'm an eye shadow palette addict - I have far too many and I never stop wanting more when a lovely new palette gets released.  Most of my palettes are neutrals, but they're all different I promise!  Certainly my most used palette of 2013 has to be the Naked Basics - I wear the shade Naked 2 religiously as a base shade, and I use the darkest shades mixed for my brows.  About half-way through the year I started using the Bare Minerals power neutrals palette, and it's been love ever since - the shade schmooze is my favourite and I've worn it loads.  

My MAC eye brushes are my favourite for any sort of interesting eye look - 217, 239 and 272 are my favourites and my staples.  Interestingly I don;t really have a favourite mascara of the year as I've not found one that's perfect, although I do love Clinique's bottom lash mascara, for my bottom lashes obviously!  I'm onto my third tube, so that's testament to the fact that it's good.  And my favourite liner is this one from L'Oreal called super liner - it goes a bit rubbish as it starts to wear and dry out, but a fresh and new one is just liner heaven to me, and it stays put.  

Onto face products and cliché as it is I have to include Nars laguna bronzer because it's just so damn good for contouring.  My most used highlight is MAC's lightscapade, and my favourite day to day blush is MAC feeling flush - it's a very slightly purple, pinky-red shade which I think really suits me.  

I feel a little bit of a fraud giving MAC studio fix fluid as a favourite as I've actually stopped using it right now in favour of trying other things, but it was my favourite for the majority of the year - mine's shade NW22.  Real Techniques brushes feature in my daily routine, so they're a definite favourite too.  I added the limited edition white brushes to my collection this year, but my favourites are still the blush, power and foundation brushes.  

I really got a lot more into Nars this year and found my holy grail eye primer in the form of Nars smudge proof shadow base.  I have very oily lids and when Urban Decay's primer potion stopped working for me I had to find something better, and this was it.  I also fell for the radiant creamy concealer, which is great both under the eyes and on blemishes and it never looks dry or flakey.  I'm on my second tube of both of these.  

I love that two super budget products have made it into my favourites and it just goes to show that you don't always need to spend on high-end to get an effective product.  MUA's matte perfect primer is such a bargain buy and it's one of the best I've tried.  I only wish they made a bigger tube because I'm always running out!  It works well with Collection's fix me up spray for making my makeup last - this is another product which is too small and runs out quickly though.  Also I'm worried this is being discontinued so I may need to stock up on a lot of back-ups!

My lip favourites have changed throughout the year - I've gone from wearing the same shade every day for a week or two, to constantly changing it up daily.  Earlier in the year my solid favourite was the Maybelline color whisper in the shade lust for blush.  I still love this even though I've not worn it for a bit.  Later in the year my fixation moved to Bare Minerals' Moxie lipstick in fly high - I own two of this lipstick because I love it so much - it's my perfect pink.  

Rimmel's apocaliptic apocalips has been one of my favourite 'going out' shades and YSL's rouge volupte in shade 1 is my fail safe nude.  I get a lot of wear out of my MAC lipsticks and couldn't really pick one for my favourites, so I've included Riri Woo as it has my favourite packaging of them all!

Onto skincare and I've been really into face oils this year, not just this one from Antipodes, I've tried loads, but this is the latest oil to grace my face each night.  Esteé Lauder advanced night repair is always a part of my night-time beauty routine when I can afford it and I really trust it to fight the lines as I sleep.  

Micellar waters are my favourite lazy cleansing guilty pleasure.  This year I've been loving both Bioderma and the easier to get high street dupe from L'Oreal Skin Perfection.  My moisturisers have changed a lot during the year to match what both the weather and my skin is getting up to, but I keep coming back to the Origins make a difference plus - I love this gel type cream which really hydrates my skin without a hint of greasiness.  

Laroche Posay's effaclar AI is my secret weapon against spots - I whip this out  any time I have a break out and it's quickly sorted.  I wish I'd owned this in my teens when I had terrible acne.  And lastly an long time favourite is hydraluron - I can't be without this for my dehydrated skin.  

I also covered off my favourite face masks of the past year in my 2013 beauty discoveries post.

I'm not much of a hair person, so only a few favourites here.  Dove still holds the top spot when it comes to the high street conditioners I really rate - I like both the express treatment conditioner for every day and the nourishing oil care hair mask.  They're just as good as anything I've tried at ten times the price.  I've tried a tonne of serums this year, and the only one I repurchased is L'Oreal's extraordinary oil - I love it for making my hair sleek with the least chance of causing it to look greasy.  

I started the year dying my hair a purpley Ribena shade and I've ended it the same way, so I thought I'd also include L'Oreal Casting creme gloss in my favourites.  This one's a shade I'm thinking about trying - cherry red - the one I've been using for my Ribena hair is Plum in shade 316, but I'm out right now.  I love the colour but more than that I love how nourished and healthy my hair feels after I've used the dye, and my hair looks sleek and shiny too.  

And lastly these are my most worn perfumes of the year - Victoria's Secret Angel and Marc Jacobs Daisy.  As you can see these have been well used and I'm almost out, but luckily I've been gifted both for Christmas so I'm fully stocked again :) 

So those were my beauty favourites of 2013 - I'm sure I'll remember something obvious I've missed out now!  Hopefully I'll be doing more regular favourites (and the fails I mentioned) in 2014.  

Were any of these products your favourites this year? 



  1. Fab post!!
    The L'Oreal Srperliner and micellar water and the Origins make a difference plus would all be in mine!
    alicekatex ♥

  2. Daisy is one of my all time favourites! I really need to try some VS fragrance, too! Happy new year xx

    Olivia | Thoughts, fashion and beauty.

    1. It's gorgeous, I have the body spray too and it's such a lovely scent.

  3. Fab picks, I really want to try mac lightscapade it looks so pretty!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. I snagged it in a CCO outlet shop so you never know your luck!

  4. I know what you mean about all your neutrals palettes being different! Effaclar A.I is a life saviour for me too !

    1. Thanks for backing up me and my madness! :)


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