1 Dec 2013

Ciaté mini mani month advent calendar and Secret Santa with John Lewis

It's the first of December which means it's now officially acceptable to be excited for Christmas!  It's finally time to start opening advent calendars...

This year my advent calendar is the Ciaté mini mani month and it has a gorgeous mini Ciaté polish or nail caviar behind each door.  Much more exciting than that cheap tasting advent calendar chocolate.

I've been good and I've played by the rules, so I've only opened the first door today.  The first polish is a rather sparkly beaut called snow globe.

I'm away for a couple of days now so I'll have to wait before I can open anymore, but I'll have two doors to open when I get back.  

I was lucky enough to receive my Ciaté mini mani month advent calendar as part of a Secret Santa which John Lewis invited me to take part in.  I don't actually know who my Santa is, but they have very good taste and I love what you picked out for me - thank you!  

As is just typical, I'd actually already bought myself the same advent calendar (both arrived in the post on the same day!) which just goes to prove what a good choice for me this was!  There are two versions of the advent calendar being sold in different stores - a red and a blue.  They contain largely the same polishes but differ by around ten shades.  I'm going to be returning my other calendar and swapping it for something else because it would be daft and greedy to have both!

Do you have an advent calendar this year?  What's in yours?



  1. That's such a pretty polish! I love the look of all of the beauty and nail polish advent calendars! I've got one that actually goes on the tree - 25 little felt pockets my mum made and scatters them around the tree so I have to search for it each day! xx

  2. I couldn't make my mind up which advent calendar to go for, if any, even though my partner had offered to pay, yesterday I made a last minute decision to go for the Ciaté mini mani one which I will hopefully be collecting from Waitrose today!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. My chocolate advent calendar now seems so plain in comparison with this beauty :D x.

  4. Gorgeous polish. Looks very festive. Can't wait to see what polishes are behind the other doors


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