29 Jan 2014

Beauty: Marc Jacobs beauty review

I was so excited when I heard Marc Jacobs was bringing out a beauty line!  This joy was somewhat dampened when we found out it wouldn't be coming to the UK, but as soon as I had the chance I ran along to a Sephora to check it out.

The most exciting product to me had to be the eye palettes - if anything's going to grab me it's nearly always an eye palette.  There's a huge choice of palettes in the range, but my definite favourite was the Lolita palette which is a collection of seven neutral beauties.  

It's a pricey one at $60 plus tax, but I've not regretted the purchase.  I love the sleek packaging, and all of the colours seem to suit me and I've worn them all.  My only issue is that my palette has a faulty closure clasp.  Pretty annoying considering the price, but it's not the sort of palette I'd take out an about with me anyway, so it's not too much of an issue.  

The palette is made up of half matte and half shimmery shades, and they're not too warm, which is good for me as I don't really suit warm eye shades too well.  The last two shades in the palette are probably the warmest, but they work for me in moderation in a look with other colours.  

Everyone hypes up palettes with serious pigmentation, and when I first swatched these I was almost disappointed that they weren't more pigmented and that I had to swatch them quite heavily, but I've found that's no bad thing.  As I'm no eyeshadow application expert, it helps me that these colours apply more softly - it gives me some room to make mistakes and to build the colour slowly.  I've been liking a soft smoky eye using the two matte nude and brown colours on the far left as a base and then topping with some of the gold and bronze shimmery shades.  

I'm pleased I bought this and I'd probably considering buying another next time I have the chance, although the other colourways are a little more adventurous!  

Another product at the top of my shopping list was the Marc Jacobs genius gel foundation.  After watching Tati's hot or not review where she recommended the foundation for oily / combination skin my decision to buy was made.  Sadly I just can't get this foundation to work for me.  I'm not sure why, but I've tried it paired with different moisturisers and primers, but it just doesn't settle evenly, and it goes patchy and wears off half way through the day.  Maybe it's because I've got dry and oily patches of skin, but much as it saddens me to give up, I think this will be destined for a blog sale.  

I didn't really intend to buy the nail polishes, as let's face it, it's not like I need anymore.  But,  those clever little monkies at Sephora had them all set up like a sweet shop and they were just all so beautiful and shiny that I couldn't resist.  I bought a nude called Baby Jane which I possibly have several dupes for but, in my defence, I'll get a lot of wear from it and it's a beaut!  I decided I had to balance this boring and safe choice, so I went for an excitingly bright and deep purple called Ultraviolet.  

I really like the packaging of these polishes - they really stand out on my polish shelf and I'm really tempted to add a few friends for these two when I next go to the US.  As well as looking pretty in the bottle, more importantly they're great, great polishes.  They apply really well, it's easy to get full coverage and they're very glossy.  

So a mixed bag from Marc Jacobs beauty.  Next time I think I'll check out the lip products.  I'm counting down the days (46!) until my next date with Sephora already!  



  1. wow! i'm really loving the nail polish colors that you chose :) they are really pretty and that palette is beautiful as well. I live in the states but no matter what I just can't seem to bring myself to buy it for the price.. but they are really nice and high end specially with the little velvet sleeves they come in :)


  2. Wooow look at that gloss! :D

  3. I nearly got that foundation but I won't now!

    annie | www.raspberphobia.com

  4. i really feel like i need this eye shadow pallete in my life!
    its gorgeous I'm a sucker for neutral eye shadows


  5. nail polish colors look really nice and i love the simple design of these products.


  6. Oh myy that palette looks amazing!! I'm in love with the package.

  7. The packaging is soo sleek and well designed- very unique. Unfortunately the price tag is pretty high haha! I need the palette though- may have to make a cheeky order! Great post, Hollie X



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