14 Jan 2014

Collection: My Bath & Body Works obsession

If there was one US shop I could magically have open up in the UK tomorrow, I think I'd pick Bath & Body Works.  It's such a lovely brand with gorgeous scents and the products always look so pretty either stored or in use.  This is my current collection...

Bath & Body Works candles are awesome, and that's what first drew me in to their stores.  They burn cleanly, the scents are strong and they're always in pretty colours with cute designs on the labels.  The fragrances are constantly changing throughout the year - these are Autumn (or Fall) fragrances which I picked up when I was in the US in September.  Farmstand Apple is one of my all time favourite B&BW candles and I've bought it a few times - it smells exactly like biting into a fresh, shiny, red apple!  I also used to have an apple crumble candle which smelt so yummy when it was burning.  

Americans love pumpkin, and there were about six variations of pumpkin candle to choose from last Autumn.  I'm not sure I'm completely sold on pumpkin, so while I usually opt for the large three wick jars, I bought a small pumpkin cupcake candle just to try it.  Although I bought the full size of pumpkin pecan waffle - the smells reminds me so much of American sweet treats and I have a little whiff of this when I'm missing the US.

The Christmas offerings are pretty special too.  When my Mum went to New York near Christmas there was a special offer on the large three wick candles so she got me six!  Mint chocolate literally smells so good I want to eat it - just like a mint aero!  Red velvet was a bit disappointing as it doesn't have that much of a distinctive scent, but the others are all lovely.  

I like to hoard my B&BW candles for a little while before I burn them as they look lovely out on display, and because I can't replace them easily I like to make them last.  These two are summer candles which I have left over from when I went to Canada early last year.  I don't burn candles in summer half as much as in winter, so I opt for the more wintery scents usually, but I'm glad I got these as they're a bit different - Tiki beach smells a lot like a pina colada!  

B&BW is not just about candles.  I've tried lots of their product ranges and haven't come across anything I don't like yet.  

I've been through several of their body sprays and anti-bac hand gels before.  The body sprays are just like regular ones we'd get here really, I'm just a sucker for the pretty designs, cute names and pretty scents!  The anti-bac gels are very exciting for what's essentially an everyday essential product.  The choices we get in the UK are usually quite plain and boring and can have quite a strong alcohol type smell.  The B&BW ones are really cute and fun and come in a huge range of scents.  I get through loads of these and keep them in handbags, my desk, everywhere, so I always stock up on new fragrances when I can.  I have a lovely one on my desk right now called Island margarita.  

The little pods at the front are like air-freshener refills.  B&BW sell little plastic holders for the pods which you can clip on in your car or wherever you want to freshen things up.  The holders are always pretty little shapes like hearts or bows or cute animal characters - we have a squirrel one in our car - and they come in the same scents as the candles and body products.

Because there were lots of Christmas offers going on, my Mum got me some new products to try when she was last at a B&BW - hand creams, lip balms and hand washes in a mixture of the Christmas scents.  I'd been wanting to try the hand washes last time I went, but they can be a bit heavy for your suitcase, and I'd already filled my allowance with candles! 

I'm off to New York in March (for the first time - very excited!!) so I might be able to check out some Spring / Summer B&BW candles and products to add to my collection.  Until then if I need a fix I'll resort to browsing ebay where it's quite easy to find the Bath & Body Works anti-bac hand gels and mini candles.

Have you tried anything from Bath & Bodyworks?  



  1. I so wish that It was in England, I stocked up lots last summer but already running low on candles. I loves the pumpkin cupcake one it was my favourite, they are all so strong and long lasting. I cant wait to go back in November to get more, but ebay may help me :-) xxx

  2. I wish they had a store in England. THe candles all look and sound amazing!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. Great collection, I've never had any B&BW candles but some of those sound right up my street....especially Red Velvet Cupcake!



  4. Oh my!!! I am swooning over your amazing collection. I have wanted to try a B&BW candle so bad.

  5. Wow, you have quite a big collection :O I'm also a sucker for Bath & BodyWorks, and omg because the christmas time is over every Christmasy 3 flicks candles are only 5$! I was literally stopping myself because I could've buy the entire store... anyway, I also have Tiki Beach and Peach Bellini! You should try Champagne Toast, it's heaven! xx


  6. Great post! I wish we had a B&BW over here in the UK! The candles sound great, but they are so expensive to try and get over here. I've just uploaded a PocketBac collection to my Youtube channel, I'd love to try some more of their bits though.

  7. Why can't we have B&BW in the UK (scotland), I'll need to stock up when I go to New York in May

  8. Ahh I wish i picked up more BABW goodies whilst i was in LA last September! They are the most amazing things and i totally agree they should open a store here in the UK!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  9. Great collection Gem! I wish Bath and body works would hurry up and open a store in the UK. I picked up their pumpkin pecan waffle candle last year but am now seriously lusting after mint chocolate and winter candy apple x


  10. Wow this collection makes me very jealous! I really wish we had B&BW (and Sephora!) in the UK xx


  11. I LOVE Bath & Body Works... I wish it was easier (and cheaper) to get their stuff in the UK. I have 3 minis and one medium candle, but i NEED the 3-wicks. In all scents. x

  12. wow they looks truly amazing , wish they had these in the uk !
    The Inked Blonde

  13. We didn't think their candles will be on high demand due to the presence of Yankee Candles in the UK, otherwise we would have stocked them. We currently do their Shower Gels, Mists & Body Lotions - http://www.mannixknight.co.uk/collections/fragrance-and-beauty


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