5 Jan 2014

Haul: Huge December / Winter Primark haul!

I've been quietly Primark hauling like a maniac this Winter - I've found so many nice things that I like every time I've been in, so I thought it was about time I shared what I've picked up...

Very spangly sequin skirt.  I think this was £14.  
Not sure when I'll ever wear this - I was drawn in by the pretty colour and sparkles!

I've been loving Primark's knitwear this season.  Such good stuff. I think this was £14.
 It's nice and thick and has pvc sleeves - it comes up really big so maybe size down.

Two of the things in life I can't resist are bargains and sparkles. 
I consider them a bargain, but by Primark standards they're on the pricier side at £16 each.
Sadly, these jumpers are very impractical because the jewel bits catch on the sleeves!

Primark jewellery just gets better and better and I keep on buying.
Limited edition black / silver bib - £8
Black and gold woven necklace - £4
Bold silver jewel necklace - £6
Swirly gold leaf necklace - £4 (I think)
Clear backed jewel necklace - £6
Big gold plates necklace - don't get this, it tarnishes immediately!
Gold bar necklace - £4

When I'm not obsessively buying things with foxes on, owls are my guilty pleasure.
I love Primark sheets, they're such good value.  This was £13 for the King.
I think the sweet little owl doorstop was £5.

More knitwear - £10 each.  
I actually have these in four colours but I felt showing them all was a bit boring!
I have cream, red, black and a pale sage green colour.

The super furry double sided Primark blanket.  Now a legend in my house.
I've taken to buying one of these every winter now.  £10 and worth every warm, fuzzy penny.

Ooops another cardigan.
I really like this one.  It's like a mottled black and grey and it has a great loose shape.

I love dresses in this shape, and this one has an interesting pattern too.
I got the black and white and black and red, but I prefer the red.  £13.

The wonder of the £5 Primark dresses.
I've gone off the green one a bit now, but it looks okay with cardigans.

This is one of my favourite things I've bought in Primark in ages.
I love the shape and have been wearing it for work loads with a black jacket.

This is another of my favourite purchases for Primark this winter.
I think this might have been as much as £20, but I've worn it loads so far and still love it.

Folksy print dress - £13
I keep changing my mind about this dress.
I go off and then see someone wearing it and looking nice!

Kiss lashes £3 each
Nail files pack £1
Pretty socks
Polka perfume £6.  I've never bought a Pri perfume before, but this smells really good.
Sparkly mouse makeup bag £3

Cut out boots with gold detail £18.
I love the style of these but they're bleeping uncomfortable :(

Joke pudding t-shirt which I only bought for fancy dress - honest!  £5
The tackiest ever Christmas phone cover not to be worn outside December, £3.

These boots are much more foot friendly £16.

Flock print dress.
This has a sheer part at the top and sheer sleeves and the dress has velvet flocking.
I wore this for Christmas day and I think it was £15.

Floral print soft blazer.
I love little jackets like this to just throw on over dresses.

Sparkle thread jumper - reduced to £4.

I try to avoid the pj section of Primark as I have far too much nightwear already.
But, these were just too cute.
Bambi top £7 and bottoms £5.
Sausage dog tee £4.

Pretty printed dresses, all £8.
I love all three and they're such a bargain.

Grey colour block dress.  £17.
I thought this was a bit expensive, but it's nice for wearing to work.

This is another of my favourite buys.  £8.
I love the print of this dress so much.

Floral print jersey dress.
This is a great easy dress that can be smart or casual.  I really like the print.
I'm having trouble figuring out my receipt - this was either £8 or £13 - probably £8.

And another.
I'd been looking for  taupey coloured cardigan.  This isn't really it, but I liked it. £14.

Cream and black dress £13.
I like the nice slinky material of this dress, and it looks great with jackets for work.

Berry red heels.  £12.
I've had these a while and haven't worn them yet, but they're really pretty.

I think that's about it - several trips to Primark combined!  I also bought a couple of coats which I forgot to photograph.  Both were £25 - one had studded sleeves and the other has pvc sleeves.  

Primark are just getting better and better.  I can't wait to see what's coming in for Spring!


  1. I work here and I can never find the limited edition jewellery and everytime I see I need it lol! Great haul!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I got mine in the Tottenham Court Road store xx

  2. I spotted that duvet cover in Primark recently but they didn't have a double! Am hoping they get more in as I have a Primark voucher to spend!

  3. Love the dresses! X


  4. Oh my you have been a busy shopper! Love everything! I never seem to find these gorgeous things :( xx

    1. Haha yes! A serious of strategic early morning raids were carried out to achieve this haul!

  5. Bargains and sparkles - I couldn't agree more. The white sweater is lovely. I like its sparkly details.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  6. Woah you have been busy! So many pretty things.
    Love the owl bedding and both pairs of boots. I have a similar pair to the cut out ones from Boohoo and mine are also quite uncomfortable, I must wear them in. xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. I keep meaning to wear mine in too, but because of the cut out bits you can't really wear socks with them, unless you're a cool ankle socks wearing type person - which I'm not!

  7. Oh I can't wait until I've lost enough weight to wear Primark bargains! So many pretty dresses... Technically I'm the right size but they run small.

    1. I find some of their stuff comes up big and some small with no real method to it. If I don't try stuff on I know I'll end up having to go back with some exchanges!

  8. Wow, loving everything you've bought! Especially love the duvet cover, I've never thought about looking in primark as I'm in need of a new one.
    Laura x
    My Life in a Blog

    1. They're fab for bedding Laura, defo have a peek in there x

  9. I'm definitely taking a trip to Primark next time I'm in town. Everything here is just so pretty, you have such amazing taste!! I never see anything this cute when I'm in!!

    1. Aww thank you - this was over several trips to various Primark stores!

  10. wow, lovely winter haul! i really like the dresses.

  11. Wow same pinch with the double printed blazer :) Love the choices of jewleries and dress prints
    Check my primark haul too :)

    Thank you

  12. I've got that maroon dress from primark its really beautiful

  13. I love the ankle boots.


  14. I think you got the best deal on the spangly sequin skirt you bought. Mruga


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