15 Jan 2014

Nails: Nails of the week #1

By most people's standards I change my nail polish a lot, so I thought I might try to start documenting each mani as I go along.  I'm also trying to encourage myself to use more of a variety of the nail polishes I have in my collection, as some of them don't get enough love!

Peaches and glitter 

This is Orly's prelude to a kiss - it's one of my favourite peachy shades and it applies really well without streaking.  I love the combination of silver and peach, and so used this opportunity to try out Essie's set in stones, which is a perfect big silver glitter which can be built up to a full coverage as I've done here.

Glitter on nude 

I was given China Glaze's Your presents required for Christmas.  It's a  real glitter party in a bottle with lots of colours, shapes and sizes all going on.  I opted to let the glitter do the talking by using Barry M's matte vanilla as my base.

Nude and purple mix and match 

This is a little sneak preview of a Marc Jacobs beauty post I have coming up.  I've been hoarding these polishes for far too long (since October actually) so I finally threw out the caution and threw on the nail polish and slapped both colours on at once.  It's a lovely glossy formula from MJ, which it wants to be for the $18 each price tag.

More fun nail times next week!



  1. YAY! More nail polish please! These manis are fab! :D

  2. Such pretty nails :)
    I should really bother with my nails more!
    alicekatex ♥

  3. Oh the glitter. I'm in love.

  4. Love the china Glaze glitter! :)


  5. Ooh what a gorgeous glitter!


  6. love the sparkle very pretty !!!!
    The Inked Blonde


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