11 Feb 2014

Beauty: January faves and fails

Better late than never, let's have a look at my favourites and a couple of fails from the products I've been using in January.

I had to wait until Christmas to get my hands on the Hourglass ambient lighting palette, but it was worth the wait and actually lives up to the hype!  I've not done a full review on this as it's no longer available, but all three shades are stunning and leave a glow that's beautiful without being overly shimmery or too obvious.  You can buy two of the colours from the palette and some other shades individually here.  

I've been playing with the Models Own hypergel polishes and cornflower blue is definitely my favourite and most worn.  It just looks so fresh and it's super glossy.

Trilogy rosehip oil has been helping me to heal a little scar I have on the bridge of my nose.  I had a little drunken accident just before Christmas and I really hate the mark it's left behind, but this seems to be slowly fading it away.  

I shared swatches of the Marc Jacobs lolita palette in this post - for some reason I was hoarding it without using it for ages - I think I was subconsciously 'saving it for best'.   Now I've started playing with the palette I love it - especially the two bronzey shades on the far right.  

Pixi lash line ink is new to my stash this month.  I've been meaning to try it for a while as I heard it has super staying power, so when I ordered some glow tonic I added it to my basket.  So far I'm loving this liner - it doesn't budge all day long, and it's a really deep black shade - the only problem now is my lacking cat eye skills.  

Nars sheer glow foundation is another 'been meaning to try it for ages' type purchase, and I'm not regretting getting it one bit.  I'm really loving it so far and am relieved that it does actually look glowy on me and doesn't leave my combination skin a shiny mess - that's the fear that delayed my purchase for so long.  I have it in the shade santa fe, and paired with the right primer and setting combo I think we could be approaching holy grail foundation status.  I think it needs testing in a few more situations before I can be sure, but I'm expecting this one will get repurchased.  

Ahhh the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette in all it's glorious rosy pink glory.  Another which I had to wait until Christmas to get my paws on, so that's why it's not made much of an appearance until now.  Although everyone and their mother has reviewed this, I might do a post picking out my favourite shades and how I use them, as I'm really getting along well with this palette and it's probably the one that suits me best of the three nakeds.  It's also got me really into wearing pinkish shades on my eyes again - something that never really occurred to me to try until this palette came out.  

I showed you my Revlon lacquer balms a little while ago in this post and complained that I'd not been able to get hold of the Revlon matte balms.  Well, as soon as they hit the virtual shelves (a day earlier than predicted) I was in there like swimwear and picked up my three favourites of the bunch.  I think I chose pretty well considering I hadn't swatched them myself, and the shades showy (cool pink) and unapologetic (bright red / coral) have been my favourite lip colours for the remainder of the month.

Onto my fails and firstly the This Works in transit camera close up has disappointed me this month.  I just can't figure it out.  It's a product which claims to do it all - it moisturises, it primes, it's a mask - but for me I'm just not getting it.  It just doesn't feel moisturising enough to use this alone, and with my usual moisturiser underneath it doesn't sit right.  I read some great reviews on this, and fell for the tag-line 'photo perfect makeup', but I've not been able to achieve anything close with this yet.  I think I'll try it as a mask and use it up that way if I can.  

I bought the James Brown photo fabulous shampoo and conditioner on a bit of a whim as they have the word 'volumising' emblazoned across the front.  It's a little bit harsh to categorise them as a fail, as they're fine as far as shampoos and conditioners go, but I couldn't notice any volumising effects over and above using any other shampoo and conditioner.  

Lastly the stupid purchase of the month award has to go to me and Benefit's porefessional agent zero shine.  I broke one of the fundamental rules of beauty buying - I picked this up without reading a single review!  Thinking I knew all about porefessional, and that this must be a mattifying version for oily skin, I grabbed this from the counter without hesitation and was then mightily disappointed when it came to trying it out.  I had no idea this was going to be a loose powder - my own fault for not checking - I wouldn't usually pay £23.50 for a loose powder, let alone one in this kind of packaging.  It's designed to be good for on the go, but I find the whole twist and sprinkle thang and the little brush in the lid all a bit awkward to use.  It's just a loose powder creatively packaged, and it doesn't even keep my skin matte for more than a couple of hours.  Complete fail and yes, I learnt my lesson.   

Have you tried any of these?  Warn me off your major fails in the comments please!



  1. Don't blame yourself for Agent Zero Shine, I will probably do the same (buy it), cause when I see BENEFIT I think "I bet it works" - but unfortunately not this time :( What is more, for me the packaging of it is a little bit tacky. For luck u've got also a few good things worth to try :) Greetings from Poland, Marta :)

  2. The Models Own gel formula looks amazing - such a gorgeous color, exactly the one I would have picked too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Really want to try the models own polishes x

  4. SO many lovely favourites! That Marc Jacobs lolita palette is just gorgeous. Its the perfect palette for neutral shadow lovers (like me). I want it so bad!


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