14 Feb 2014

Nails: Valentine's heart mani with water decals

As it's Valentine's day I thought I'd use it as an excuse for some heart themed nails.  I'd been meaning to try out some water decals for a while, so I ordered these cute hearts from ebay.  

If you've not tried water decals before they're basically little transfers which are activated by water - you wet them, slide them off the backing and onto painted nails, and follow with topcoat.  The design is on a clear background and you cut around the shape before you get it wet.  They work a lot like the temporary tattoos I remember getting out of packets of crisps as a child.  

The water decals were slightly more difficult and fiddly to use than I was expecting, and the finished result isn't quite as neat as I'd like.  Next time I'll cut the design out more carefully, as you can sometimes see the edges of the plastic film which spoils the effect a bit.  They're really quite effective for some easy nail art though, and I'd never been able to draw hearts of the same shape and size myself.  
I bought my decals from this ebay seller - they have loads of designs and I also bought a few others including some cute little owls.  The bright pink polish base is Flamingo by Gosh.

Have a great Valentine's day (if you celebrate it) xx



  1. Nice nails! I tried water decals before and made a real mess so I think you did a great job!

  2. Its such a cute nail art dear....xoxoxo...:)

  3. Cute nails!



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