24 Apr 2014

50 years of Superdrug

Superdrug has been supplying our health and beauty favourites on the high street for 50 years now, and to celebrate their birthday they're launching a huge range of special edition products as well as launching lots of 50% off deals.  

The beauty essential my little star baby wipes have had a pretty pink packaging makeover, and there's a special edition pink lidded lipcote available too.  This fruit sorbet peel-off mask is also a special edition with packaging which gives a nod to the iconic makeup styles of the 1960s.  

Also joining in the very pink celebrations are this fruity delicious body spray and colour B4 hair colour remover.  I've never tried colour B4 but will be keen to give it a try next time I've dyed my hair - I quite like dying my brown hair a plummy purple colour but it fades to red quickly so this should really help me back to my natural colour.  

These special edition nail polishes from Gosh are my favourite of the birthday products I've tried out.  They're both matte finish glitters in pretty spring shades of soft pink and soft green.  

Check out the full range of birthday products here - I have my eye on the special edition sparkly Barry M polish and gorgeous Sleek palette.

Superdrug have also released this video to celebrate their birthday, tracking some of the most famous beauty looks over the last fifty years.  I love the sixties and eighties looks - happy birthday Superdrug!



  1. Seriously cute packaging! The Superdrug near me closed down so I won't be seeing any of it, which is a shame because that pink Gosh nail varnish is lovely!



  2. Aaaah those nail varnishes got me abit excited... GORGEOUS! Especially the mint green one, gunna have to take a trip to town me thinks... Haha

    Megan x

  3. I love the new designs! Too bad we don't have a Superdrug here in Austria. :( Be careful with the Colour B4 remover, it's really time consuming and it smells super bad, almost like rotten eggs.
    I'd love to give that peel-off mask a try! It looks so fab. :D

    Elina x

  4. oh wow....colors are really pretty......xoxoxo....^_^


  5. The GOSH shades look incredible! I love the shimmer and glitter in them. Loving the 50% off deals at superdrug! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  6. Those nail varnishes look gorgeous xx

  7. Great post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella <3

  8. The nail varnishes are absolutely gorgeous, so pretty! :) x


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