2 Apr 2014

Beauty: Kiko boulevard rock collection

These are a selection of products from Kiko's latest range - Boulevard Rock.  It's a limited edition collection inspired by the London rock music scene, which lends itself to some seriously colourful, denim-look packaging.  Kiko always has seriously exciting packaging for all of their limited edition collections - I never want to throw my boxes away!  

This is a lip crayon type product, but it's much slimmer than all the of the 'chubby stick' style dupes.  That's a good thing when it comes to a bright red shade, as it lends some much needed precision to the application.  Share 04 virtuous red is cool toned bright red with a satin finish and creamy feel.  This lasted well on me without drying my lips out.    

I was initially scared when I opened the lid of this eye shadow - I'd never successfully apply a colour this dark, creamy and pigmented as an eye shadow without making a huge mess - I'll leave that to the pros!  However, my second thought was that this might make a fantastic gel eyeliner, and I was right.  I'd been eyeing up chocolately brown liners lately after seeing some gorgeous eye makeup at a wedding, so I think that's where I got the idea.  I've used this as a liner over a lid primer and it gives a bold and smooth line which lasts all day.  

How cool is the embossed jeans zipper design on this bronzer?  This is a lovely golden shade which really warms my face and adds a summer glow.  It's not the kind of bronzer I'd use for contouring as it's too shimmer and golden, but applied with a light hand dusted around the cheek area it's lovely for perking up my face.  The rock attraction blushes which are also available as part of the range have a similar cute denim jeans design embossed on them.  

The collection includes eight 'demin' polishes, but of all the colours I think these are the two which are most obviously noticeable as being inspired by a pair of jeans.  I've tried to show here how you might be able to do some nail art to carry the theme a bit further, but I think I needed to find an even thinner brush to get the thread effect right.  Although these are described as a satin finish polish I found them to be quite matte, which gives a really nice effect particularly to the dark blue shade.  

The Kiko boulevard rock collection contains loads of other products and shades - see them all on the Kiko website here.  I've also just spotted an exciting looking collection of new glitter polishes - fancy topcoats collection.



  1. Wow, that shadow-eyeliner is gorgeous; I actually stared at the screen for awhile, studyingit. Lol. <a href="http://chicandalluring.blogspot.com>Chic and Alluring Blog</a>

  2. I'm so tempted by Kiko! (needs to repeat: I don't need more make-up, I don't need more make-up) haha x

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss: March favourites


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