12 Apr 2014

My new ipad mini and baby blue case from thesnugg.co.uk

When the guys at thesnugg.co.uk heard I'd got a new ipad mini they thought it would be a good idea to send me something to keep it safe and looking pretty.  I had a browse around their site and picked out this pretty baby blue ipad mini executive case which also doubles up as a stand - perfect for when I'm watching youtube videos or netflix!  

The case fits my ipad perfectly and keeps it safe from any knocks and tumbles.  The cover folds back when I'm using the ipad but also protects the screen when I'm not.  When you shut the cover the ipad automatically locks which is a nifty little trick.  

The stand is great for watching videos and movies - I particularly like to have it on my dressing table so that I can watch youtube tutorials while I'm getting ready. 

There are spaces for cards or little notes, a strap to keep it steady in your hand if you're wandering around whilst using your ipad and a little slot for storing a pen or stylus.  

I picked baby blue, but the same case comes in lots of other colours - I also had my eye on the lilac.  You can get the same ipad case from the snugg for £29.99 and they also make cases for the full size ipads too.  

I spent ages trying to decide whether or not I needed an ipad mini as I'm usually always glued to either my iphone or my airbook, but actually I've used it loads and am finding there's certain things I prefer to do on each device.  My most used ipad apps are youtube, netflix, pinterest and the kindle app - I'm currently on the third book in the Divergent series (Alligent) and I'm loving it - can't wait to see the movie!



  1. I love the case! I keep telling myself that I don't need an iPad mini as I got a smartphone and a laptop too, but it would be great for reading as you suggested! Divergent is my favourite series ever - don't worry, I won't spoil anything. :) It's so riveting, you'll get to the end soon enough anyway.

    1. I was exactly the same and now I use it constantly as well as the phone and laptop! I'm 30% through the last book!

  2. Such a pretty blue case!


    1. I'm obsessed with mint green and pastel blue everything at the moment :)

  3. Such a pretty case....love it's color and pen is pretty too.....xoxoxo....^_^

  4. That case is so pretty! I like that it has pockets for cards, too.
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