15 May 2014

Beauty: new from Illamasqua

Illamasqua have just launched some exciting new spring products - we're talking some new matte lip colours, a matte version of the fabuolous hydra veil, and the intriguing skin base mixers...

So first up, here I have two of the new Skin Base Mixers.  They're little buddies for Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation, and can be used to lighten or darken the shade, or to add contour to the face.  Personally the shade of Skin Base I own doesn't get used a whole lot as it can lean a little too orange on me, so mixing in a little of the white shade has given it a second chance in my collection!  

The mixers come in four shades - white to lift skin tone and to brighten, amber to even out olive skin tones, terracotta to blur hyperpigmentation and chestnut to add depth and contour.  The two shades I have are amber, which can also even out redness, and the brightening and lightening white shade.  

You can now get your choice of mixer free when you stock up on your favourite Skin Base foundation.  The tubes are fairly little, but you would use a lot less than you would of your foundation as they're very pigmented and you only need to add a tiny amount to mix with your foundation.  

Also new from Illamasqua are three new matte lip liquids.  They're described as being neither a lipstick nor a gloss but something in between.  They come in three super pigmented shades, all with a long lasting matte finish.

This is the shade Forbidden, which is practically my perfect shade of pink - nice and bright but cool toned.  There are two other shades available in the new formula - exotic which is a bright orange and surrender which is a stunning peach colour that I need to get my hands on!

The formula is pretty amazing - the colour glides on easily and the colour payoff is imense.  It's a matte finish, so you need to prep your lips in advance as matte usually equals drying.  But, the plus side is that  you get a full on colour which lasts and lasts.  

The Illamasqua matte lip liquids are available now and cost £18.50 each.

And finally, I also got to try a sample of another exciting Illamasqua launch - Matte Veil.  I'm a big fan of Hydra Veil, but as I have combination skin I only use it on the drier areas of my face such as around my eyes and around my nose.  Matte veil has been designed to balance oil levels in the skin as well as keeping moisture locked in, so for me with my stupid attention seeking skin, I can mix and match with a bit of matte veil and hydra veil and hopefully have all my issues covered!

Unlike Hyda Veil's clear and jelly-like texture, matte veil is more of a creamy liquid, but it's still easy to pat it on just where you want it.  The idea is to apply it after moisturiser and before your primer and foundation.  The first time I tried it I think I used far too much and overloaded my skin, so the less is more approach is key with this one.

Matte Veil is also available now and it's £30 for a full size 30ml tub.



  1. Lip liquid is very pretty....lovely shade.....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. The lip liquid is so pretty. I want to try it. I will def gonna check on this.

    1. It's lovely, I think I want to get the peachy shade now x


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