17 Jun 2014

Beauty: My May favourites

May's a funny month for me - it's not quite summer and you get a real mixture of hot and cold days, so it gives a pretty mixed bag product wise with things frequently being changed up to suit.  I still managed to pick out quite a few favourites though - here's what I've loved most in May.

Pretty, girly, princess nails have been high on the agenda and I've worn this combo several times.  At one point I took off my chipped mani and reapplied the exact same thing again - I never do that, so you can tell I was really obsessed with this pairing.  It's Barry M rose hip as the base and OPI pirouette my whistle from a couple of years back as the topcoat.  It gives such a soft and subtle, sweet glittery finish and I can't get enough.  Have a peek here on my instagram to see what these look like on.

If the sun's out, I start to worry about being pale and pasty, so I finally put the effort in to some tanning for the first time this year during May.  The Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2 - 3 week tan is literally amazing and I can't recommend it highly enough.  I waffled on about the wonders of it in this post.  It's a bit pricey, so grab it now while it's on offer!  I've also been trying something new from one of my favourite high street skincare brands - Superfacialist.  This is their anti-blemish purify and refresh face scrub and I've really enjoyed using it this month.  It's one of those scrubs which feels gentle enough as you're using it, but really gets to work and leaves your skin feeling ultra clean and smoother after use.  It's both a chemical and manual exfoliator, so you kind of get the best of both.  Whilst I don't really get spots, I do have congested skin in some areas and this seems to be starting to help.  I really want to try the matching pore purifying face mask from the same range - both will be available at Boots later this month.

For lips pink appears to have been the colour.  Alongside my ever faithful NYX lip butters (which I can't keep putting into my favourites because that would just be boring!) I've been loving Illamasqua's matte lip liquid in forbidden for a statement pout, and in complete contrast, this super subtle colour elixir gloss from Max Factor in the shade Pristine nude.  I've just got back into using Max Factor products and I've got a post coming up soon to show you what I've rediscovered.  Also my favourite lip balm, as always it's a Maybelline baby lips, and I've got back into using the original yellow one.

Another Max Factor product I've been getting into this month is the Excess Volume mascara.  I'll do a more in depth review soon, but for someone like me with short and stumpy lashes, this makes a massive difference!  My most worn base has been the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in medium sand.  I bought this together with the matching brush and up until my skin started behaving a little differently a week or two ago, this was working wonders for me - full review to come very soon.  And for eyes I've been enjoying the fact that I finally filled my MAC quad palette.  I always said I wasn't going to be sucked in to buying single eye shadows as it could become an expensive obsession, but my friend gave me the quad with all that glitters a few months ago.  I've now filled it up with quarry and satin taupe on the left, and to go with all that glitters, soft brown on the right.  I've been wearing quarry and satin taupe together non-stop and am so happy with the combination.  I think soft brown however was a mistake as it's a bit too warm on me.  I may well pop that into a blog sale and replace it with something else at some point.  

I've been meaning to start using up some of my half empty perfumes to make a little more space, and it's helped me rediscover the lovely Ghost midnight, which I've been wearing all month.  And lastly, something which you might think is a bit odd to have in my beauty favourites, is a deodorant.  Mitchum is my favourite deodorant brand because it's just so damn good.  The reason it's in my favourites is because I broke away from it when it wasn't on offer, I bought another deodorant which was, and on some of those hot sticky days we've been having, I could really tell the difference!  Mitchum say that this deodorant is so good you could skip a day as it lasts 48 hours and I think that must be true - cheesy, but this never lets me down and I will not stray again!

What products are you loving lately?  Anything here you'd like to see a full review on?



  1. I love love love the Tarte foundation and that MAC quad looks ideal :)

    annie | www.nouveauchique.com

  2. Mac quad looks perfect!



  3. I really like the MAC quad you put together. I haven't seen these shades in person, but it looks like they work well together. Hopefully you can fill the Soft Brown spot with something more suitable for you! :)

  4. I wanna know more about that Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2 - 3 week tan. Kinda curious about it.

    1. It's really good! I went into a bit more detail about it in this post -



  5. I need to know the name of every.baby lips that exsists


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