30 Jun 2014

Skincare: skinChemists under eye definer and lash intensive review

skinChemists has been around for a few years and is probably best known for their Wrinkle killer snake serum.  The aim of the brand is to use scientific know-how to create and develop treatments for common skin issues which really work.  Sounds good right?  I was sent two of their eye products so that I could give them bit of a road test - the Under eye definer and lash intensive.

skinChemists under eye definer is an illuminating concealer in a pen style applicator.  In many ways it's a lot like YSL's touché eclat and you use it in the same way.  It comes in just one universal shade, which is a luminous pale peachy colour, and it blends seamlessly into my skin when I apply it.  The pen applicator makes it easy to use as you just click the end to dispense some product on to the bristles and then apply with the brush.  I used my fingers to complete the blending process, but the product sank in pretty well by itself.  It leaves a lovely luminosity to the skin and didn't cling or cake to my fine lines at all.  I love everything about this product, except the price!  You get 2.5ml of product for a whopping £89.99 - much more than I'd ever spend on a single product, and no matter how much I've enjoyed using this and how upset I'll be when it runs out, I wouldn't pay that much to get a replacement - £30 - £40 feels about right to me.  

Now I'm told that the reason for the high price point is the sophisticated and expensive optical blurrers used in the product to make it undetectable on the skin - they provide the luminosity without any unwanted sparkle.  Also the pigment is incredibly finely milled so make the eye area look like its in soft focus, as opposed to just concealing.  I'm on the fence here - I appreciate all of those aspects, and agree they give a really good result, but I still think it's  high price for the amount of product you get.  The best tip with this product I think is to wait until there's a special offer on before snapping it up, and now's the time as skinChemists have given me a special discount code.  To get the Under eye definer for just £19.99 with free postage, order online at skinchemists.com and use the code UEDFLUTTER.  It's think it's 100% worth it at that price! 

I'm also trying out the skinChemists lash intensive, which is a treatment designed to condition the lashes and encourage growth in both length and thickness.  You apply it morning and night onto clean lashes, just as you would  mascara.  It's early days for me with trying this one out, so I've not seen any results yet, but the product is packed with vitamins H, F, E, B5 and caffeine which are absorbed into the roots of the lashes to stimulate growth.  This is another pricey one at £79.99 for 8ml, so again probably best to keep a look out for a discount code - sorry I don't have one for this product!

Have you tried skinChemists?  Do you think the products are worth the money?

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  1. I've never tried this brand before but I agree it's rather pricey for the amount and product you get! It does sound like it does an amazing job though xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  2. I haven't heard of this brand before but it looks so nice!


  3. Wow, a £70 discount sounds almost too good to be true, it's a very generous discount. I'm tempted to try it but to be honest I'd end up disappointed if I did really like it as there's no way I can afford anything like £90 to replace something like this x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I know, I'm wondering whether it's one of those products which has a high rap but is always on offer?

  4. Hmmm...interesting. This is my first time to hear about this brand and I am impressed. It looks like great products to try out. Kinda pricey though but with the discount code I think its worth a try.

    1. I would certainly be happy to pay £20 for the under eye definer


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