14 Jul 2014

Beauty: BeautyBay The Collection - Little Black Box Summer Style Edition

Beautybay.com is one of my favourite online beauty destinations.  They stock lots of my favourite brands including China Glaze, Too Faced, Essie, Urban decay and OPI, and they usually have discounted prices or special offers.  What you might not know is that BeautyBay also stock their own branded products, and they're now releasing a selection of them in a special beauty box.

BeautyBay The Collection - Little Black Box Summer Style Edition costs £15 and it's packed with BeautyBay's own exclusive products which they've picked out especially for summer.

Inside the box you get - 

Large detangling brush in hot purple 

Blending sponge in fuchsia pink

Mascara in flawless black 

Lip gloss in coral shimmer

Lipstick in delicate pink

Lip brush 

Separately these products would cost £29, but you can get them all in the special edition box for £15 from BeautyBay.com.  I think it's great that this is a beauty box where you know exactly what you're getting before you part with your money, and every box will be the same.  I love the detangling brush and it's in my favourite colour too!  I'd not tried any of BeautyBay's own makeup before - I think it's quite good value for money (for example the lipgloss is £5) but the products don't feel cheap at all.  

I hope this is the first of many exciting new things to come from BeautyBay - the styling of some of the products reminds me of Sephora and I'd love BeautyBay to become our UK equivilent!  


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