18 Jul 2014

Beauty: Real techniques retractable brushes review

Real Techniques are one of my favourite brush brands and I own nearly all of the brushes they make.  In particular I like their face brushes and always use a RT brush for my foundation, powder, bronzer and blush.  Earlier this year Real Techniques released some retractable travel brushes, so I thought it was about time I added them to my collection.

The three brushes which have been produced in retractable form are the ones you'd be most likely to need on-the-go in my opinion, and I love that the colours still tie in with the colour coding of the regular Real Techniques brushes.  

All of the brushes are duo-fibre and I find they're the same great quality as the full size Real Techniques brushes I own.  I wouldn't necessarily carry all three around with me every day, as they are a bit heavier than I expected, but for when I know I need to re-do my makeup after work and am taking a full makeup bag, these would be coming with me.  

For me I'm not using the brushes quite as they're intended - I think the bronzer brush is perfect for applying powder all over the face to take away any shine, whereas the kabuki brush is the one I'd use for blush, bronzer and a bit of contouring, particularly because it's got the angled shape to the bristles.  The lip brush I'll use as intended of course, but I'd only take it with if I was wearing a red lipstick or another colour which needed a more precise application.  

You can see here how the retractable function works on the brushes - you pull up the shiny inner casing which scoops up all the bristles, then add the lid, push down and the brush pops back up and into the cover.  I love this clever little design and it makes these brushes about a hundred times better than any other retractable brushes I've tried before - they're really sturdy and and you don't have to compromise on the quality of the actual brush.  Because the lids close tightly and the brush stays protected, if you wanted to limit the products you're taking out with you, you can actually pre-load the brush with somthing - a matte face powder maybe - and have just enough with you for a little touch up.

All of the Real Techniques retractable brushes are available at Boots.



  1. I've been thinking about getting these for a while now! I would probably use them the same as you. The kabuki looks more like a bronzer brush to me! I love that they are duo fibre.

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  2. I LOVE the two face brushes... the duo fiber brush is amazing for applying my foundation quickly, it literally take seconds xx


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