3 Jul 2014

Nails: Dr Lewinn's Renunail triple strengh conditioning colour nail polishes

I've heard of Renunail many times in the past as they have a nail strengthener product which a lot of people rate very highly as having improved their nails in terms of both length and strength.  I've never tried it because it's a clear polish, and you can't wear a colour over or under it in order for it to work.  As I don't like having 'naked' nails, I've never taken the plunge, so it seemed liked the solution had come along when Renunail released coloured polishes...

Renunail triple strength polish comes in four colours, and I've tried out the neutral shades cashmere - a beige nude colour - and marshmallow which is a barely there pink.  The other colours available are a red called Pomegranate, a lovely grey called Graphite and a Black plum which is a dark purple.

I'm very happy with cashmere, and it's the kind of neutral colour that I'd wear all the time as it goes with anything.  I thought I'd love marshmallow too, but it's just too sheer for me.  In the swatch about I have three coats of the polish on and it's still completely transparent.  Now if you're going for a very subtle look and just want your nails to look polished and neat then that's fine, but personally I'm not a fan of being able to see my nails through a polish and prefer a more opaque coverage like I got from cashmere.  

Now the mistake I made was in thinking that these new polishes were a coloured version of the Renunail nail strengthener and that they'd give the same results.  Unfortunately they don't contain all of the same ingredients or give the same benefits, so I'll still have to let my nails go naked if I want the full benefits, but these polishes are somewhere in between and still have strengthening powers built in.  The triple strength coloured polishes include keratin, bamboo and calcium which will help protect the nails and promote strength and growth.  

I've enjoyed trying these polishes and have worn cashmere quite a bit.  I can safely say I didn't have any breakage while I was wearing them, and with continued used I think I would see some improvements in my nails.  The polishes chipped after a couple of days which is fairly normal for me, and also I didn't have the special Renunail topcoat which the instructions say should be used with these, so if I had, I'm sure they would have lasted longer.  

My advice would be that if you're looking to really improve your nails and can bear to have them naked, go for the original Renunail nail strengthener.  If not, give the new triple strength polishes a try, but pick one of of the darker colours.  

The Renunail triple strength polishes are be priced at £14 each and will be available soon from drlewinns.co.uk


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