30 Jul 2014

Nails: Floral sprinkle glitter polishes from Nails Inc

Just a quick post today to share some rather special swatches of these stunners from Nails Inc.  I've been thinking about getting these for a while and wondered if they're one of those polishes which looks great in the bottle and in the promotional pictures, but would actually be a mess on my nails.  I'm rather surprised and pleased to say that with a little patient application, these are beauts!

Left to right these are Daisy Lane, Queensgate Gardens, Chelsea Embankment Gardens and Richmond Gardens.  

Each of the polishes have a clear base, so you can wear the sprinkles and flowers over any base colour of your choice.  Generally I think they'll all look good over white and most pastel colours.  Chelsea Embankment gardens is my favourite and I'll be wearing it over a really pale baby blue so that all of the pink and white coloured sprinkles show up.  

From Nails Inc direct these polishes are £12 each, which I still find a bit steep - although I really like Nails Inc, there are so many amazing budget polish brands out these days that I tend to only buy when I see something really unusual and special like these floral polishes.  I picked up the set of all four florals from QVC for the discounted price of £24.50, which I was very happy to pay as these polishes are all gorgeous and I've not seen anything quite like them by another brand... yet!



  1. These are amazing - I've especially loved the pink one this summer :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. OMG, love! They make me think of Lilly Pulitzer's dresses. <3

  3. These look so cute! I love the look of Daisy Lane and Chelsea Embankment Gardens <3

  4. astounding collection
    loved the carmine shade and the light blue
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  5. These are so so cute, my favourite is queensgate garden! May have to purchase that one :) x


  6. I love all of them. They are really cute....:)


  7. They are such cute polishes! I love Nails Inc's collections - they're always so unique xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com


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