8 Jul 2014

Nails: OPI Gwen Stefani rock starlets minis

I love a good OPI polish, if I had unlimited funds and space, I’d be snapping up every release from the many collections they bring out each year.  Sadly I have neither in endless quantities, but OPI are considerate souls and with each collection they also release a selection of the colours in miniature sizes – budget and storage friendly! 

I already have two full sizes from the Gwen Stefani collection – push and shove which is a full on mirror shiny silver, and In true Stefani fashion, which is a super sparkly, reflective silver and holographic glitter top coat – they look pretty special worn together.  I’d not bought into any of the other colours from the collection, so when Chemist Direct asked me if I wanted to try some products from their site, I headed straight for the polish section and the OPI minis!  Sure enough they were stocking the Gwen Stefani minis which are called rock starlets, and the pack included a hot pink and a fine gold glitter that had me instantly sold. 

The four colours included in the pack are – Hey Baby, 4 in the Morning, Love.Angel.Music.Baby and  I Sing in Color.

I have so many hot pinks like Hey Baby but it’s the kind of shade I always full back on, especially for a pedicure.  It's a pink creme and it applies perfectly with no streaking and it's almost instantly opaque.  

4 in the Morning looks like a silvery black on application, but dries down to a more muted version of itself leaving a semi matte black-grey and in some lights you can see a hint of silver shimmer.  

The gold, called Love.Angel.Music.Baby, is a subtle pale hue which has some texture to it but dries fairly smooth and matte.  I’ve been after a nice gold base to wear with some of my chunkier gold glitter topcoats for an accent nail or mix and match mani, and I think this could be just the thing.  

And finally I Sing in Color, which I think is the least interesting colour of the bunch.  It’s one of those really dark blood red colours which come out every Autumn without fail – I have so many colours like this in my collection, so I just can’t get excited about this shade. 

You can pick up the OPI Gwen Stefani rock starlets mini pack here from Chemist Direct for £12.99.



  1. The pink and the gold polishes look so pretty!:)xo
    Molly Louise Blogs

    1. Thanks hun - they would look fab together in a mix and match mani I think (my current obsession!) xx

  2. Such pretty shades!! Loving the gold one a tad bit more.


  3. Ooh I have to say I really like the look of the matte black one. I've never been a fan of black nails before but earlier this year I took a shine to them and that would look amazing in the winter x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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