28 Oct 2014

Food: Waitrose sea salt fudge brownies recipe

It seems like there’s a day for everything now – Vegetarian day, Talk like a pirate day, even Bubblewrap appreciation day (yes, really), and I didn’t know until now that Chocolate actually gets a whole week - I’m not going to argue with that!  National chocolate week was 13 to 19 October, and to celebrate this wonderfully sweet occasion, Waitrose asked me if I fancied trying out one of the many yummy ultimate chocolate cake recipes on their website. 

I was tempted by nearly all of the deliciously chocolately recipes, but I finally settled on sea salt fudge brownies, mainly because of the sea salt fudge mmmm.  The official recipe can be found on the Waitrose website here, but I thought I’d also give you a little talk through of the process alongside some hunger-inducing photos. 

To make these brownies you will need –

Dark chocolate
Light muscovado sugar
Baking powder
Self raising flour
Sea salt caramel fudge
Roasted and salted peanuts
Unsalted butter

Waitrose also sent me a secret ingredient which I had to incorporate into my recipe.  I was a bit worried about what it might be, but there was no need to panic as it was freeze-dried raspberries, and we know raspberries go with chocolate beautifully.  I decided I’d add the raspberries to the top of my brownies for a little bit of added flavour and prettiness – more about that later…

Making the brownies was really quite easy, and they were quick to throw together.  You start by melting your chocolate and butter, which I did in the microwave on a medium heat, and then combining with the eggs and sugar before adding flour, baking powder and then the exciting bits – the fudge and nuts. 

I poured the mixture out onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, and then set about giving the brownies a liberal sprinkling of the remaining chopped nuts and fudge.  I then added the dried raspberries on top, which looked great against the dark-chocolatey brownies. 

The brownies went into the over for around 30 minutes and when I checked on them part-way through, I realised I’d made a bit of a mistake with the raspberries.  They’d burnt in the oven, and clearly I should have just added them at the end of cooking! I hadn’t used the whole tube, so once the brownies were out, I added some more raspberries on top to make them look pretty again, and we’ll just ignore the burnt bits…

When the brownies came out of the oven it seemed like they weren’t done, but the Waitrose recipe assured me that they should still have some wobble underneath the top layer of crispiness.  I left the brownies to cool in the pan as instructed, and was left with decadent treats which had a little crunch on the outside but were soft bordering on gooey in the centre.  The fudge and peanuts gave these brownies so much texture, and the slight saltiness gave a whole new twist on that usual brownie flavour.  Perfect with a cup of tea on an autumn afternoon, or for breakfast the next day – go on, I won’t judge you!

The recipe with full measurements and instructions is available here – sea salt fudge brownies recipe – and if you don’t fancy brownies, you’ll be sure to find something to tempt you amongst the full collection of Waitrose's ultimate chocolate cake recipes.  



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