22 Oct 2014

Skincare: Vichy Idealia life serum and eye contour cream review

I know it's the product inside that counts, but it really doesn't hurt for skincare to come in pretty packaging like these from the Vichy Idealia range.  They compliment my beauty mess dressing table nicely, as well as being a brilliant addition to my skincare routine!
In the past I've tried the Vichy Idealia smoothing and illuminating cream and I really liked the scent of the product and the formulation, so I was keen to try out more from the same range.  The two products I've been testing out over the past few weeks are the Vichy Idealia eye contour and the Vichy Idealia life serum.  

Vichy Idealia life serum is designed to combat most of the problems out skin faces on a daily basis such as polution, stress, uv rays and even an unbalanced diet...!  It's said to transform the quality of the skin giving a more even tone, tightening pores and giving a radiant look.  

It has the same great scent as the moisturiser I've previously tried - it's not overpowering, it's a fresh scent that reminds me of a childhood suncream my mum used to slather me in at the beach!  I also really like the pump packaging - it prevents me from using too much, it's hygienic, and I know the rest of the product is staying nice and fresh inside the bottle.  In terms of what it does for my skin, firstly I really enjoy applying this serum - it's non-greasy and applies and sinks in really well.  It has an immediate illuminating effect, and over time it does appear to be helping to give my skin a more even tone.  I'm not sure yet that it's working on my pores, as they're still looking pretty large, but I'm happy to keep using the product to see if I get greater results with time.  I have resorted to using the serum mainly at night, as with the Idealia moisturiser I previously tried, it's great on my dry areas, but it's over powering on the oilier parts of my face, and I don't want to be shining like a beacon all day!  By using the serum at night I'm probably wasting the illuminating properties somewhat, but it is really lovely to apply at night, it makes my skin look nice and fresh before bed, and I hope it's getting to work on improving my skin's texture while I sleep.

The Vichy Idealia eyes eye contour cream is a great partner for the life serum.  It contains caffeine and vitamin B3 to illuminate and reduce darkness around the eyes, and it also targets fine lines.  

I've been using the eye cream both morning and night.  I get dryness around my eyes and this cream seems to give the perfect level of hydration and comfort.  In true combination skin style, although I have dryness around my eyes, my actual lids are super oily, but as eye creams are to be applied around your eyes, it's not been a problem and I'm able to use this in the morning without any issues applying my makeup.  

I always look for eye creams which aim to reduce dark circles, and I've found this one really works to tone them down, and it also contains properties to work on fine lines too, which is a necessity for me now I'm getting on a bit! 

I was drawn in by the packaging and the lovely scent, but I'll be keeping these two in my routine because they're a pleasure to use, and I've seen some good results so far.  

The Vichy Idealia range is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots

Have you used an Vichy skincare?



  1. Oooh I love the sound of the serum, and the packaging is so lovely too I've never used any Vichy skincare before, but I do love their setting powder xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I'm the other way around - I could do with a new setting powder so thanks for the tip!

  2. Such lovely packaging. I haven't used it before, but sounds like it's worth a try

    Made in Mauve


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