24 Oct 2014

The Anthony Nolan Trust #thankyoustranger

Something a bit different today – I want to talk to you about the Anthony Nolan Trust (the UK's blood cancer charity and bone marrow register) and their new campaign – Kindest of Stranger.  The thought behind the campaign is those random acts of kindness that we might sometimes be fortunate enough to experience, or perhaps give out.  I love the idea, and it’s really made me think over the past week about ways that I could make a stranger’s day.  Life can be so busy, especially in London, that often nobody talks to each other or even makes any eye contact – sometimes it’s just a sea of barging people all in a mood and a hurry, so I’ve set about making just a little bit of a difference each day. 

Showing someone kindness isn't just about giving money, and some of the best ways don't cost anything at all.  Over the past week I've looked out for people who might need a helping hand, such as giving my seat on the bus to a lady with lots of shopping, helping a man who clearly wasn't used to driving a buggy around public transport, and offering 20p to a lady who was rummaging through her bag and looked like she was busting for the loo at the station toilets! 
Giving a genuine compliment to a stranger is also a lovely way to make someone's day, and it always improves my mood too.  Complimenting someone with a gorgeous necklace or a stunning jacket on my way to work, letting the guy on the checkout know that I thought he gave me great customer service, and pointing out to a nervous new waitress all of the things she had done well, when she was over-apologising for the little things which went wrong, all brightened my week and hopefully theirs too. 
I've found there are ways to be kinder in every aspect of my life, from paying it forward on twitter by sharing a great blog post I've read, to smiling and saying hello to all the people I see on my street, and even leaving my one day travel card at the bus stop for someone else to use in the evening - you're probably not supposed to do that buy hey, what Boris doesn't know won't hurt him :)

Below is the charity's video, which explains all about the 'Kindest of Stranger' campaign.

What's the kindest thing a stranger's ever done for you?



  1. What a great charity. The kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me was when I was a child. My family was very poor while I was growing up, and I had never had a toy that was brand new. In fact, I remember having only two toys, and they were both secondhand items. One day, a church group came to my neighborhood and gave all of the kids a Christmas party. For most of us, that was the only party that we were going to have for that entire season, since our families were too poor. At the end of the party, we were each given a toy, and I got a Barbie doll! A brand new one that was still in box, waiting for me to unwrap. It was one of the most memorable moments in my childhood, really. :o)


    1. I forgot to add: it wasn't getting a brand new toy that made it a memorable moment; it was the fact that a church group went out of its way to venture into our unknown little neighborhood in Orange County (the county was known for its wealth, even then, but within it, there were pockets of very poor communities), set up a festive atmosphere, and gave us the experience of seasonal joy.

    2. Thanks so much for sharing! That's such a lovely memory :)


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