27 Nov 2014

Christmas gift ideas: NEOM Organics Perfect Peace scented candle

Ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm.   That's my main main thought right now as I'm sitting here typing this with NEOM's Perfect Peace flickering away on the other side of the room.  NEOM candles truly have some of the most relaxing scents of any candle I've ever tried, and burning one is a wonderful treat.  

Each year NEOM release some beautifully packaged candles for the festive season, and this year there are two new fragrance options - Perfect Peace and Christmas Wish.  

The Perfect Peace single wick candle comes snugly packed into a sturdy, pretty box that makes it perfect for wrapping and giving as a gift.  The silver and white styling of the box and the candle also happens to go perfectly with the colour scheme of my new living room, which should hopefully be ready for Christmas! 

The scent of this candle is made up of pine, myrrh and lime peel and I must tell you what NEOM's description of the scent is because it's just magical - 

"The frost-kissed splendour of a forest in winter and the welcome return to a cosy, festive home. A modern, citrus-infused blend combining the fresh scents of pine and lime peel with the aromatic spice of precious myrrh."

I really like Christmas fragrances, but I do find that some of the more spicy ones can become a little overpowering.  Perfect Peace just smells clean and fresh with that real woody, balsamy sort of scent which reminds me of Christmas trees, and it's beautifully uplifted by the lime.  It's such a calming and relaxing scent, and as with all NEOM candles, the scent really carries and I can literally smell it from downstairs!

If you've not come across NEOM before you really are in for a treat when you first experience one of their candles.  They're all made from a blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrances from pure essential oils.  Because of the pure ingredients, they're very different from a normal candle - they burn completely cleanly with no smoke or soot on the jar, and they also burn and melt totally evenly, turning to an oil consistency as they heat and back to wax as they cool, so no tunnelling here!

NEOM's Perfect Peace 1 wick scented candle costs £32 for 185g and it'll burn for 35 hours.  



  1. Gem! Thanks for this, I'm a big fan of candles, especially this time of year but had not heard of NEOM before - will definitely be making a purchase asap for our living room :-)



    1. Oh Rebecca you'll fall in love from the first time you burn a NEOM - they're something else entirely :) x

  2. I love love love candles , I want to try these .
    Love them on in these awful dark nights. xox


    1. I'm the same - and I don;t know if it's in my head, but I actually feel less cold when a candle's burning, even though it's obviously only a tiny flame!


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