4 Nov 2014

Nails: Beautybay The Collection festive nail polishes

Beautybay's own brand products - Beautybay the collection - are really expanding, and I'm pleased to see that they've brought out some festive additions to their great value nail polish range.

Left to right It's A Starry Sky On Wall Street, Champagne's Flowing On Hollywood Boulevard and Fireworks On Broadway.

It's A Starry Sky On Wall Street is a jet black polish with gold glitter, but it also has a multi-facted finish which can also appear to be a really dark green in some lights.  It's a really interesting shade and covers really well in just one coat. 

Champagne's Flowing On Hollywood Boulevard is a gorgeous shimmering gold.  It's a staple colour for the party season, and it's great for laying under a glitter polish too.

Fireworks On Broadway - this multi-coloured festive glitter reminds me of OPI's rainbow connection from a few years back.  It's like a Christmas explosion on the nails, and it's so packed with glitter that it takes no effort at all to build.  

The polishes are £5 each from beautybay.com, but you can also get them in the five piece Champagne and Fireworks set, which is a bargain at £15.  


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