31 Dec 2014

2014 beauty favourites

I'm not going to be all cliche go on about how quickly the year has flown (although it really has), and will just get on with my 2014 favourites.  What I will mention, is just how much I'm enjoying that little bit of reflective thought that you tend to naturally fall into during the gap between Christmas and New Year.  You can choose to have a fresh start any time you like of course, but for me, I sometimes do need an extra kick up the butt, and the whole fresh page feeling of starting a new year gives me just that.  I don't make many resolutions any more, I just try to set really well thought out, achievable goals.  All it takes to change your life is will, determination and a list, so watch out 2015, I'm coming! 


30 Dec 2014

Five top interview tips for getting a new job in 2015

In contrast to the usual beauty fodder I serve up, today I have a post for you on a completely different topic, but it’s one which I think I know a lot about.  Most of us see the new year as a fresh new start, and for some that means starting a search for a new job.  I’ve had various interviews for office jobs in my time, but more often I’m now on the other side of the table doing the grilling, so in collaboration with City Calling who find jobs in construction, I'm offering up my top tips for your next interview!  

29 Dec 2014

Beauty: November and December beauty favourites

Before I review my favourite finds of 2014, I thought I should first catch up with my monthly favourites.  I get so busy in the run up to Christmas, planning for the big day, that almost everything else gets left to one side, so I missed my November favourites entirely and my blog was a little bit neglected :( I can breathe a sign of relief now as although I love Christmas, it feels good to now be able to think about planning for other things, and to use my Christmas tree as a blogging backdrop!  So onto the juicy stuff, these are my favourite and most used products from November and December.


24 Dec 2014

The 15 Festive Favourites Christmas tag

I don't usually get around to doing any tags - although I do enjoy reading them - but as I'm so excited for Christmas at the moment, when I spotted the 15 Festive Favourites tag on Alina's blog beauty with charm, I instantly wanted to give it a go!  

23 Dec 2014

Food: Easy chocolate Baileys fudge recipe - in the microwave!

I can waste hours and hours on Pinterest thinking about all the cute little DIYs I could try instead of actually getting around to doing any of them...  I vowed to be a little more prepared this year, and to think in advance about what I might want to make and I decided Baileys fudge would be a perfect treat to give as little homemade gifts.  I struggled to find a recipe online that was for chocolate Baileys fudge rather than vanilla, so a little bit of experimentation was needed.  

22 Dec 2014

Guest post: My first blogger event by Lizzie

Today's post comes from Lizzie who blogs over at lizaboo.co.uk - she's sharing her experience of her first blogger event.  Thanks Lizzie! x


21 Dec 2014

Nails: Sensational Fuse & gone fission glitter pink polish

I've been lucky enough to get to try quite a few a home gel manicure options lately, but this one called Fuse from Sensationail is by far the quickest and easiest.  I have the Fuse starter kit with the colour gone fission which is a gorgeous glitzy pink.

19 Dec 2014

Food: Quick and easy mini mince pies recipe

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the food - the whole month of December is just one big indulgence, and it's also the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and start baking.  I never used to like mince pies, but started to eat them a couple of years ago, so this year it seemed like a good idea to try making my own.  When I say 'making' really I mean 'assembling',  because I've used shop bought ready rolled pastry and shop bought mincemeat - you can make both yourself, but for my first attempt at mince pies, I thought I'd keep it simple!

17 Dec 2014

Pink reindeer fair isle Christmas onesie from Tipsy Elves

Taking photos for this post made me appreciate fashion bloggers on a whole new level.  I only wanted a few photos of me in my new onesie which was sent to me by Tipsy Elves, and literally, Dan managed to catch me at every horrendous angle possible - this was the only passable photo of the lot!  Fashion bloggers, I salute you - you make it look so easy.  


12 Dec 2014

Christmas gift ideas: Non-beauty Christmas gifts!

About 90% of the gifts I get for Christmas are always makeup and beauty related - not that I'm complaining, it's what I love and I think it makes me a rather easy person to buy for!  I've rambled on about beauty gifts for the past couple of weeks now, so I thought it was time I gave a mention to some of the other lovely gift options I'm giving and getting this year, even if I can't put them on my face...

11 Dec 2014

Christmas gift ideas: Stocking fillers and gifts under £30

I've very nearly finished my Christmas shopping - there are still a few niggly little gaps in my list which I need to fill, but in the main, my Christmas corner is filling up nicely!  With my friends and family, we tend to get lots of small gifts and it's quite unusual for anyone to think of one really big gift they want, so it means I get to enjoy picking out all sort of stocking filler type bits and pieces.  I felt like it was getting a bit late to do this post, so even though I have a few deliveries still to arrive (including the world's slowest ever asos order due to the Black friday madness!), I thought it was time to show you some of the smaller gifts I'm getting and giving this Christmas.  

9 Dec 2014

Christmas gift ideas: L'Occitane Sparkling Verbena Collection

Apologies for being a little thinner on the ground with content this week; I've spent virtually every evening either in a shopping centre, supermarket or some sort of retail outlet trying to complete my seemingly never ending Christmas shopping list!  I hate shopping when it's crazily busy, so I intend to get as many trips as I can in this week while it's still manageable and then I'll finish up any last minute bits online next week.  I have to have an action plan when it comes to Christmas or else I get myself stupidly stressed out and don't actually enjoy the build up!  Anyway, today's post is bringing you what is hopefully a perfect gift idea for someone on your shopping list - possibly a slightly older female with a more discerning taste than a 3 for 2 Soap & Glory set can cater to - we're talking luxurious, show-stopper bathing gift sets here, and it has to be L'Occitane.  This is the gloriously lemon scented, beautifully gift boxed Sparkly Verbena Collection.  

5 Dec 2014

Beauty: Makeup Revolution eyeliners and brow pen review

Following on from my initial taste of what Makeup Revolution has to offer (blog post here), I've now also had the opportunity to try out some of their eye and brow pen / pencil products, and some of them are serious rivals to the (far more expensive) options I usually go for.

3 Dec 2014

Christmas Beauty: KIKO Haute Punk Precious Touch shimmering body oil and Haute Flower eau de toilette

Are you sick of all the hyped up Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales already, or did you swoop in and finish your Christmas shopping with a hefty discount?  I was all up for a few special offers, but despite planning my attack and gathering up information on codes and offers, I was still left kicking myself when I realised there were a few great deals I missed out on.

2 Dec 2014

Beauty: My favourite winter lip shades

I realised last week that there's quite the theme to my lips looks of late - it's a far cry from this time last year when I was wearing Kate Moss 107 to death alongside a clutch of other deep plum shades. This winter it's an altogether brighter affair, and I'm mixing and matching my textures and brands too.

1 Dec 2014

Food: Low calorie beef stew - the perfect winter comfort food

Sometimes in winter, only comfort food will do, so yesterday I plugged in my slow cooker and set about bubbling up a cold weather stew feast.  
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