23 Dec 2014

Food: Easy chocolate Baileys fudge recipe - in the microwave!

I can waste hours and hours on Pinterest thinking about all the cute little DIYs I could try instead of actually getting around to doing any of them...  I vowed to be a little more prepared this year, and to think in advance about what I might want to make and I decided Baileys fudge would be a perfect treat to give as little homemade gifts.  I struggled to find a recipe online that was for chocolate Baileys fudge rather than vanilla, so a little bit of experimentation was needed.  

I worked with a recipe for chocolate fudge and added Baileys to the recipe, adjusting the other ingredients to compensate, and I think I've cracked it.  It's pretty easy too, and uses easy to find ingredients, so if you're looking to do a bit of Christmas eve baking and making, this could be the one. 

To make my chocolate Baileys fudge you will need - 

400g milk chocolate 
200g plain chocolate 
397g can of condensed milk
25g butter 
60ml Baileys 
200g icing sugar 

Start off by breaking all of the chocolate up into a microwavable bowl, then add in the whole can of condensed milk and the butter.  Microwave on a low to medium heat for a minute at a time, stirring in between to see how things are melting.  Don't be tempted to bung the microwave on a high heat for five minutes in one go - you will burn your chocolate.  After several minutes of microwaving and stirring the ingredients will melt and combine and you'll get a smooth, glossy chocolate mixture.  

Remove from the microwave, make sure all of the ingredients are combined and then stir in the Baileys.  If you're tempted to add any more than 60ml your fudge may be a bit too soft - in these quantities the fudge does taste fairly strongly of Baileys, and it sets firmly in the fridge but is nicely squishy at room temperature.  

Next sieve your icing sugar into the chocolate mixture.  Make sure to sieve it so that you don't get lumpy fudge!  Once all of the icing sugar is stirred in, you're ready to pour your fudge onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper.  I used two large regular baking trays, and this recipe made enough to fill both with a nice big slab of fudge.  

Add Christmassy sprinkles to the top of the fudge if you feel like it, then loosely cover with clingfilm before popping in the fridge to set.  After an hour or so, or overnight if you prefer, your fudge should have set quite firm and be ready for you to cut into pieces.  It's best to cut the fudge straight from the fridge as when it gets to room temperature it'll be softer and cutting will be messier!

You can serve the fudge up as it is, or if like me you want to prevent yourself scoffing it all by giving some away as gifts, you can wrap little portions with cellophane and a bow.

I was so pleased with how the fudge turned out and everyone who tried it said they loved it, other than my boyfriend because he doesn't like Baileys - more for me!  

On my first attempt at getting the recipe right, I added Baileys without upping the other ingredients and I ended up with a yummy tasting super soft fudge which I couldn't cut up or do much with, so I used it to frost some cupcakes instead!  These were equally good, so if you do want to make the fudge up as a cake frosting, leave out a third of the chocolate and reduce the icing sugar by half.

I loved making this fudge and the mini mince pies I featured a few days ago - they're both super easy festive recipes that you can whip up at the last minute.  The diet starts in January... :( 



  1. Chocolate Baileys fudge sounds amazing!! I got to have some of this!! x
    Maria's Adventures

  2. These look amazing would make lovely Christmas gifts. xox


    1. Best to give some away or it'd be tempting to scoff the lot!

  3. They look yummy.....xoxoxo....:)



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