21 Dec 2014

Nails: Sensational Fuse & gone fission glitter pink polish

I've been lucky enough to get to try quite a few a home gel manicure options lately, but this one called Fuse from Sensationail is by far the quickest and easiest.  I have the Fuse starter kit with the colour gone fission which is a gorgeous glitzy pink.

This gel nail kit is super fast to use because there are no top or base coats to use.  There's a gel cleanser to prepare the nails and then you're straight on with the colour which only needs curing for 30 seconds under the UV light.  Once done you finish the nails with another wipe of the cleanser and you're good to go!  

With the glittery pink gone fission I felt I did need two coats to build up the coverage and to get a good even finish.  The UV lamp is teeny tiny and fits one nail at a time, so it's perfect for on the go. Even though you cure one nail at a time, it only takes 30 seconds, so it's still really fast.  You can power the lamp by plugging it in to a power socket or any USB outlet.  

My nails felt really strong with the polish on, just like they've done with other gel kits, and the polish looked great for nearly a week before I started to get some tip wear.  

I'm so impressed with this little kit, and it only costs £20.  Extra polish colours cost £15.  The only thing I was a bit unsure on is that your finger can feel quite hot when the polish is being cured - I wasn't going to burn myself, but I did feel slightly uncomfortable.  As I cured more nails I got more used to the hot feeling.  

The Fuse starter kit and single colours are available at Boots.


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