26 Jan 2015

Makeup Revolution blush options review

After adoring my first brush with blush at Makeup Revolution - which was in the form of the stunning sugar and spice blush palette I swatched here - I decided to check out some of the other many formulas in their line up.  

Without really meaning to, I somehow picked everything up in varying shades of pink - subliminally planning for Valentine's perhaps? 

The One blush stick in matte dream was my first pick.  I love the chubbiness of this blush stick, and that you can literally just draw it onto your face in one big sweep.  Or, if you want to be a bit more delicate and precise, you can apply if with your fingers and even use a brush to blend it if you want to be flash.  For me this works beautifully with a little smudge drawn on a little back from the apples of my cheeks and then blended with fingers.  On my skin tone I get quite a subtle, pretty pink effect - this blush is so much paler than anything I usually opt for, and I'm liking the new look it gives.  The One blush sticks are £5 and look a little bit like the Nars Mutiples - I've not tried the Nars version so I can't comment on how much of a dupe it could be, but I certainly think I'll pick up some more shades of this cheaper alternative.  All of the colours come in either matte or not matte finishes - the one I have is matte, and I think I'd go for a matte again as I like to get colour from my blush rather than shimmer.  

The One fluid blusher in pink sea is such an interesting product.  I've never really tried a blush quite like this before - I'm guessing it's a similar product to the Daniel Sandler water colour blushes, but I've not tried one of those yet.  Makeup Revolution's fluid blush is just that - a super thin consistency liquid blushers which comes in a convenient dropper bottle so that you can dispense a tiny amount at a time.  I've been applying this by taking a couple of drops onto my fingers tips and dabbing onto my cheeks.  You get quite a sheer effect with this, which you can build, so although it looks bright in the bottle, you're unlikely to go overboard when you actually apply.  I really like the shade I chose - pink sea - it gives a lovely medium pink, rosy cheek glow, plus this one's just £3.

And lastly I have the Blushing Hearts triple baked blusher in candy queen of hearts.  I didn't really think about this when I chose these three blushes, but they're actually all dupes or inspired products to some extent, with this one being similar to Too Faced's perfect flush blush.  If I had considered that, I might have picked a different Blushing Hearts shade as the one I have - Candy Queen of hearts - is pretty much exactly the same as my Too Faced perfect flush blush in Candy Glow.  I only just realised that, so I've not taken a photo of them swatched side by side, but having just had a little look at them, they're almost identical.  I'd say the Makeup Revolution version is actually more pigmented, and has a little more shimmer.  I didn't really need a dupe for a shade I've already got - ooops, will have to pay more attention next time!  But, it is a really lovely shade in a slightly coral pink tone, and because of the slight shimmer I consider it to be more of a highlighting blush.  Also the packaging is utterly adorable and it's such a beautiful looking product in the pan.  This one comes in lots of other shades including bronzing and highlighting versions, and they're all £4.99.

If you want to see swatches of the sugar and spice blush palette, have a little look over here.  Next on my Makeup Revolution blush shopping list is the blush palette in golden sugar probably another of the Blushing Hearts in a different shade.  

Have you tried Makeup Revolution's blushes yet?



  1. Now i'm excited I just ordered some Revolution stuff today :) xox


  2. I have literally just done a makeup rev wishlist and half of this stuff is on there, I want it all even more now! I didn't even see the heart blush, that has made its way into the list as well! Lovely photos
    Kirsty x


    1. Thank you! It's such a beauty isn't it? x

  3. So many beautiful blush options. I haven't tried much from this brand but I love the look of the Cream Blush Stick. It reminds me so much of the NARS Multiples

    1. There's so much to chose from it's all a bit overwhelming!

  4. The blushing hearts are so, so, so cute!
    I have tried a few Makeup Revolution products, but not the heart blushes, mostly because international shipping is kind of high! :o)

    1. Same with everything I want to buy from the US! =D

  5. I just got the Fluid Blusher today in Rush Me and I'm completely obsessed. It looks just so natural on (and I'm even cool toned, but somehow that coral is perfect). It's nearly impossible to find a picture online of someone actually wearing it in Pink Sea (which I want now that I've seen the light that is these blushers). Would you be willing to post a picture of you wearing it? Thanks!


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