22 Jan 2015

The new colour chrome collection by Models Own

2015's only just begun and Models Own are already straight in there with an amazing new collection.  I spotted these on their instagram page before I knew anything about the collection and was immediately drawn in by the super shiny, sleek packaging.  These polishes won't just look good on your nails, they're little works of art for your polish collection too!  

The collection is called colour chrome, and as the name and packaging suggests, these are gorgeous smooth and shiny metallic polishes.  They have a lovely molten metal look to them when you apply and they dry down to a pretty satin-sheen.  All of the colours I've tried apply brilliantly - they're instantly opaque, and give fast, smooth coverage without streaking.  Model's Own recommend applying a couple of coats of colour with no base or topcoat to really show off the colour and finish.  Although if you do want to add topcoat, it really enhances the shine.   

As with a lot of polishes of this type with a metallic finish, they're not the longest lasting and will chip quite quickly, but I change my polish every other day anyway, so that doesn't bother me.

There are ten colours in the collection overall - I have five here which I've swatched, and you can see the five remaining colours flawlessly swatched over at Brit Nails.  I really love all of the colours I was sent to play with - I'm not usually a fan of green or blue polish at all, but Chrome Olive is a really gorgeous gold-green, and Chrome Indigo is just so pretty on.  Chrome Rose is possibly my favourite as I'm such a rose gold addict!

The colour chrome collection will go on sale at modelsownit.com on 29 January - the polishes will usually be £4.99 each but they're going to be in the sale at 50% for a limited time!  If you don't manage to snap them up on offer, you'll also find them in the Models Own bottleshops from 31 January and at Superdrug from 11 February.  

What do you think of the new collection?



  1. Oh wow, these are indeed very pretty. To bad my nails are so brittle at the moment. I had to refrain from any nail polish because the remover will kill of my nails finally. But as soon as they get better i really want to try one of these.

    1. My nails are rubbish at the moment too - I tried to hide the more damaged ones in the swatches! I've been using some treatment base coats from Nail HQ and they're really helpling to feed and nourish my nails x

  2. These look absolutely stunning, particularly indigo! I will be checking out their sale come the 29th - thanks for the heads up! xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

    1. I know, how amazing to get them for £2.50!

  3. Can not wait to try these out. xox


    1. They're so lovely, I think you'll like them lots :)

  4. oh dear, I'm not supposed to be buying anything but these really do look amazing. I suppose buying a few whilst they're cheap isn't too bad.

    Sharon xx
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