2 Feb 2015

New from Aussie - body washes in shower smoothie and no rush

New shampoos from Aussie?  Nope - the much loved hair brand has branched out to bring us a new range of body washes, and considering how darn good their shampoos and conditioners smell, these new shower gels are bound to be a big hit.
There are four fragrance options in the Aussie body wash range - Shower Smoothie with skin smoothing macadamia nut oil, Mega Watt with energising Australian ginseng, Fresh Mate with eucalyptus and No Rush with relaxing jojoba.

I don't remember the last time I got excited about a shower gel launch, so I think there's certainly room for something new on the shelves.  I'm a huge fan of Aussie's shampoos (Aussome volume is my fave) and their 3 minute miracle conditioners, and love the scents, so I'm delighted to be able to add some new Aussie products to my shower stash.  As expected, the scents are gorgeous - of the two I've had the chance to try out so far, Shower Smoothie is my favourite and is the most reminiscent of that super sweet, floral Aussie shampoo scent I love.

The packaging's just like the shampoo bottles - nothing new or exciting - but I guess they wanted everyone to be able to recognise and relate these body washes to their hugely successful hair line.  I'll just have to make sure not to mix them up in the shower! 

Aussie's new body washes are out now at Boots priced at £2.99 (or two for £4) for 250ml or £3.50 (or two for £6) for a larger 400ml bottle.  You can also find them at Superdrug with a third off, so the smaller bottle will set you back £1.99, and the bigger one is currently £3.15.



  1. Why oh why do i have to have still such a gigantic stash of shower gels? I think my husband will kill me when i buy another one before i have not used up atleast a few of the ones i already own. But those sound amazing.


  2. Oh wow, I will have to try these!

  3. I only use Aussie on my hair and I literally love it think I am as excited as you hehe.
    I will be picking these up for sure. xox



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