26 Feb 2015

New Models Own HyperGel spring 2015 colours and Colour Chrome Body Tattoos

I have lots of great new products from Models Own to share with you today.  There are 10 new shades for spring in the super shiny hypergel range, and Models Own have added a new product to their uber successful nail line - Colour Chrome body tattoos!

Joining the existing Models Own hypergel line up are ten more shades in fresh and bright colours.  The ones I have here left to right are purple orchid, paradise pink, tropical green, powder blue and long beach peach.  If you've tried a hypergel polish from Models Own before, you'll know that the polishes have really great opaque coverage, they apply easily and smoothly and they have a really shiny finish.  The only slight downside is that I find they take a lot longer to dry than normal Models Own polishes.

All of these new colours applied in exactly the same way as the rest of the range - the only exception being purple orchid, which seems less glossy than the rest and dries more to a sheen than an actual shine, but it's a lovely rich colour.  Paradise pink and Long beach peach are my favourites from the new shades I've tried out, and although I'm not a green fan usually, there's something irresistible about the super bright and zesty tropical green.  

Of the colours I've not tried, I love the look of Persian Pink and Bermuda Blue.  If you want to check out the rest of the collection, Claire from nuthinbutanailthing.com has some great swatches here.

The new hypergel shades are all available now at modelsownit.com at £4.99 each.  

I must admit I was rather surprised with these body tattoos popped through my door - I had no idea that Models Own were launching something like this, but it's a great, fun new product.  I must admit I'm definitely not cool enough to sport metallic body tattoos, so they're not something I've tried before.  I think the last time I work a (temporary) tattoo, it probably had a Care Bear on it and came free inside a packet of crisps!


The Models Own colour chrome body tattoos come in four different styles.  The pack I have is called Scales, and it includes three wide bracelet tattoos, two skinny ones, and an assortment of smaller shapes and patterns which you can wear anywhere.  

To use the tattoos you just cut out the design you want to wear with scissors, remove the top plastic covering and apply sticky side down on your skin.  You then simply wet the backing paper with water until it slides off, leaving your shiny metallic tattoo in place.  

The first one I tried to apply - a small gold waves pattern which I thought would look good on my ring finger - went a bit wrong!  When you're a kid and you stick a temporary tattoo on your arm, where you position it doesn't really matter, but with grown-up tattoos like these, you need to be a bit more precise! I made the mistake of allowing the tattoo to stick to my skin before I'd finished deciding how to position it, so I ended up getting it a bit wonky.  I was much more successful on my next attempts, and was surprised at how easily the backing paper slides off the tattoos, putting the full design in place without any tearing or leaving bits behind.  

Once applied my tattoos looked pretty amazing, and I really loved the ones I'd applied in place of where I might usually wear my jewellery.  

The tattoos start to wear off as you wash and go about day to day activities, so personally I found I only got one to two days wear before they'd started to tarnish and needing to be removed.  It does depend on where you wear them though I think, as I found ones in places where your skin has to bend and stretch a lot (like knuckles or the bony part of your wrist) won't last as long.  

Models Own Colour Chrome body tattoos come in four different styles (I really like the Roman ones which have some funky stars and stripes and little pineapple tattoos!) and cost £4.99 per sheet from modelsownit.com


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