11 Mar 2015

Lush bubble bar and bath bomb haul - Mother's day collection 2015

I can never resist a limited edition Lush collection, so despite the fact that my Mum doesn't use Lush, and I'm certainly not a Mother myself, I still ran out to grab all of the bath bombs and bubble bars in this collection!  Sadly there are no Unicorn Horns here, and there's nothing quite as amazing at that, it's still a really fun, cute collection with a couple of products that I've be grabbing in duplicate for backups.

Secret garden bath bomb - £2.95

I love the bright colours in the secret garden bath bomb - they're so fresh and bright, and when you pop it in the bath the swirls of pink and green look amazing.  Your bath water ends up as very green, and the surprise is the flower petals which are inside the bath bomb and will float to the top of the water.  This is a really floral smelling bomb and it packed with rose, sweet wild orange oil, rosewood oil, yellow rosebuds, marigold petals, rose petals, blue mallow flowers and gardenia extract for the perfect springtime bath.  

Rose bubble bar - £2.95

How cute it this?  I know I said that this collection doesn't have anything quite as good as the unicorn horns, but this sweet little rose bubble bar is one of my favourites.  It includes skin softening cocoa butter as well as lemon and sweet orange oils.  It smells super sweet and gives a gorgeous pink, super bubbly bath with glitter.  If you're ordering online, beware that this is rather small compared to something like the comforter bubble bar, but it's only £2.95.

Rose bombshell bath bomb - £2.50

As you might expect, this is a rose scented - I'm sensing a bit of a theme with this Mother's day collection!  This one's very rose scented, but not too overpowering.  It has rose petals inside which burst out when you pop the bomb in the bath, and then they float around in the water.  It's made with soya milk powder, orange flower, rose wood and Turkish rose oil.  

Mother superior bubble bar - £3.75

How apt for Mother's day!  It looks a bit like a nun and also like an eskimo at the same time.  I wish my Mum was up for trying Lush in her bath because this little bubble bar is so funny - it kind of looks a bit grumpy too, just like my Mum!  This bubble bar is going to give you a bright blue bath, and it smells really clean and fresh because it contains ingredients like Sicilian lemon oil and orange blossom.  

Bubble grub bubbleroon - £2.95

Another super cute addition to this collection is the bubble grub bubbleroon.  I'm not too usre on the scent, and I don't really like the colours (I much prefer my Lush baths pink and pretty) but I couldn't not buy this one - I needed it just for the sheer novelty factor!  I bought this in store and the assistant wrapped it really carefully for me because I didn't want the little antennae to break before I'd had a chance to take a photo!  This little critter is a two part bubble bar, so you could halve him for two baths, using the orange and green separately, or you could mix.  I probably won't mix, because I'm assuming orange and green makes brown!  The bubble grub is blended with shea butter, vetivert oil, tonka absolute and sandalwood oil, plus his antenae are vanilla pods and his eyes are chocolate buttons!  

Ultra violet bubble bar - £4.75

Lastly, I have the giant ultra violet bubble bar.  I love a bubble bar like this, because you can get several baths out of them and use as much or as little product as you like.  Sometimes if I only have time for a very quick bath, using a whole bath bomb seems like a bit of a waste, so I like to use a little chunk of bubble bar on those occasions instead.  This one has super vivid colours and gives a really deep purple bath and it smells gorgeous too, with a really grown-up, sexy floral scent.  It contains rosewood oil,  violet leaf, ylang ylang, jasmine and gardenia.  

What are you picking up from this year's Lush Mother's Day collection?

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    1. The ultra violet bubble bath bar looks great. That one is going on my shopping list.


      1. Shame that one's not permanent, it's lovely x

    2. I haven't been into Lush for ages so I have no idea of the new releases but those look & sound amazing so I will definitely have to treat myself for mother's day x

      Beauty with charm

    3. LOL, the Mother Superior bath bomb made me smile! It is just so cute. Mother's Day isn't here until mid-May, and I hope that the Lush here will carry the gift set, too! I'd love to receive one. Lol.

      1. Ah of course, I forget it's different in the US and Canada!

    4. LOL, the Mother Superior bath bomb made me smile! It is just so cute. Mother's Day isn't here until mid-May, and I hope that the Lush here will carry the gift set, too! I'd love to receive one. Lol.

    5. Yesterday after a pretty rubbish day I decided to treat myself to Rose bubble bar and Ultraviolet. I love the look and smell of Rose but I was hoping Ultraviolet would smell like Hoppity Poppity and it doesn't. I'm not entirely sure I like the smell but I'll see what it's like when I use it x

      Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

      1. Oh no, hope you like it! I really like the smell, and it makes an amazingly bright bath x


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