31 Mar 2015

Mole Grey Del Rey bag from the Mulberry Outlet at Bicester Village - plus current bag stock list!

It was my birthday a week and a bit ago, so I decided to treat myself to a Mulberry bag from the outlet at Bicester Village in Oxford.  I bought my first Mulberry bag two years ago at Bicester, and the post I did on that - Mulberry Outlet Bicester Village Review- still gets loads of views even now, so I thought I'd share some snaps of my new dream bag, and tell you about what kind of stock the Bicester outlet has lately.  

This is a large Mulberry Del Rey in grainy calf leather in the shade mole grey with gold hardware.  What's amazing and surprising about this, is that it's the exact bag that I went to the outlet hoping they'd have - I didn't expect to actually find it!  A year earlier I was in New York and saw the same bag for full price (actually a lot more than full price as Mulberry is more expensive in the US due to being imported) and fell in love with it.  You never know what stock they'll have at the outlet, so I was quite open minded as to what style and colour of bag I wanted to get, but as soon as I saw they had this I knew it was meant to be.  To further confirm it was fate, I also got the last brand new one in stock, so it was the last one aside from the display bag on the shelf!

I love the large size of the bag - it's a great statement piece, and it's extremely practical too.  I think it's beautiful whilst still being really classic, and the colour will go with almost anything.  

It zips up across the top revealing a large space inside for all of your things, and there's one additional zipped compartment and a pouch for a mobile phone inside the bag.  The turnlock on the front functions and opens up to another pouch pocket on the front of the bag too.

This bag was about 25% off the original retail price, so more expensive than you might pay if you were shopping the Mulberry Christmas or Summer sale, but from what I've seen in the past, the stock sells out lightening fast in those sales, plus I think you get much more choice at the Bicester outlet, and you can take your time choosing!  

I only went in for a bag, but also ended up coming out with a pair of Mulberry shoes - something I'd never considered buying.  They're a bit unusual, but I really liked them and they were a bargain.  You can see them on my instagram here.

I know I'm always keen to know which bags are likely to be in stock at Bicester before I plan a trip there, so here's a quick list of what I remember spotting from when I was there a week and a half ago - sorry that I don't always know the correct colour names.  I must admit I think the stock was the best of any time I've been there - it was very tempting to think about getting a second bag!  

Red with fur

Del Rey 
Black (large)
Red (large)
Mole Grey (large)
Deer brown (small and large)
Oak (small and large)
Purple (small)

Lily (regular)
Deer brown 
Sage green
Pink (Ostrich)
Blue (Ostrich)

Black (large)
Grey (large)

East West Bayswater 

Bayswater double zip


Yellow (mini)
Blue (mini)
Green (mini)

Mitzy tote 

East West Mitzy hobo

Mitzy messenger

I also saw a large tote bag with chain handles, daisy hardware and holes punched out of the leather - no idea of the style name, but they had it in beige and blue.

Good luck if you're off Mulberry outlet shopping soon - let me know what you get!



  1. This is a STUNNING bag! Totally meant to be if it was the last one in stock! xx

  2. Gorgeous bag, it was fate! I'm currently lusting after a Lily, I missed out at Christmas because I'm a procrastinator, when will I learn? haha :)
    xxx Claire

  3. I love this bag! It's so beautiful! The shoes are so nice too xx

  4. Lovely bag, i love grey as a colour x

  5. What a gorgeous bag; definitely a classic.
    And OMG, a Mulberry outlet! I can't even wrap my mind around that.
    You're so lucky!

  6. I live near Bicester Village but I never actually go which is odd, I think the traffic puts me off! Your bag is bloody gorgeous.

    Emily//Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  7. I really love this your post, because everything is so beautiful!
    You did a great job! Wait for a new one!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  8. Classic and beautiful. That grainy/pebbled effect is what I love on Mulberry bags!

  9. AHHHHHHH what a gorgeous bag! I'm off to Bicester next weekend so I hope they have a few of the selection you listed above, there's a Lily with my name on ;) xx

  10. What a gorgeous colour. I do love a trip to Bicester.

    Victoria x


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