17 Mar 2015

New from Indeed Labs - fillume volumising moisturiser review

I'm a big fan of the Indeed Labs skincare line, and several of their products are regulars in my collection, especially their hydraluron range, so I've been particularly interested to try out their newest moisturiser - fillume.  fillume is a volumising moisturiser which is designed to plump up the skin, targeting volume loss that can happen as we get older, offering fullness and smoothness.  Personally I don't look at my face generally and feel it lacks volume as such (I look at it and think it's chubby!), but where I really need a bit of plumping and smoothing is in the areas where lines have crept in, which is my forehead, and around my eyes and mouth.

fillume comes in the same style packaging as the hydraluron moisture jelly - it's a really convenient and hygienic tub which keeps the product fresher as no air can get to it.  You just press down and the right amount of product dispenses out of the top.  I'm always guilty of slapping on more than I should with most products - and I've heard there's no greater benefit to doing that - so it's helpful in that way too.

As a moisturiser fillume is really quickly absorbed into my skin as it's very light weight, and it leaves no greasy feeling.  I was concerned about how makeup might sit on top of this, but after including it within my normal routine with primers and such, I noticed no difference in how my foundation applied, so that's a big thumbs up as it means I'll be able to use it day or night.  Personally I think I'll be using this more for day, as on application, I do notice an instant plumping of the lined areas of my face - it works particularly well on the ones running from nose to mouth.  It's a temporary fix, but one I'm loving seeing in the mirror every morning!

fillume is available now at Boots and it's £24.99 for 30ml, and no doubt at some point you'll be able to grab it on one of the brilliant 3 for 2 deals too.



  1. I'm a big fan of Indeed products as well, definitely need to give this one a try!

    1. The hydraluron stuff is my fave - so amazingly hydrating!

  2. I love Indeed products - this is definitely on my to-try list. x

    1. I've heard they're gloing to be bringing out a matching serum too!

  3. This post is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!
    Incredibly interesting! Great job!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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