3 Apr 2015

The Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath Palette review and swatches - don't be put off by the faux fur....!

I've been seriously slacking on the blogging front haven't I?  Sadly work has taken over all of my time lately, so I'm so grateful for the long Easter weekend to get things back on track!  What better to kick things off again with than another palette from the beauty wizards at Makeup Revolution - this is the   Makeup Naked Underneath palette.  It's a great combination palette of matte and shimmer shades that range from safe and neutral to the slightly more exciting with a dusky navy and cranberry red shade thrown in for good measure.  

Unlike Makeup Revolution's usual palettes in a plain black shiny casing (or matte in the case of the ne 'Pro' palettes), this one is adorned with faux fur and, as it's part of their  Makeup line, it also has a gaudy crystal heart in the middle.  The packaging's not for me I've got to be honest, but the shadows inside more than make up for it!  The huge mirror we've come to love from Makeup Revolution is still there, and you get a sponge tip applicator - I think the inclusion of brushes is just for their 'Pro' palettes for now.  

You're getting 16 shadows in this palette and the variety is great with plenty of colours to ensure you've got some choices for transition, brow bone and high-lighting and lots of pops of colour too.  

The shimmer shades in this palette have better pigmentation than the mattes, and one or two of the mattes don't swatch all that well at all - the shade attention in particular was pretty hard to get to show up, and hidden also didn't give much pay off compared to the rest, but the others are lovely.  Glory reminds me of MAC amber lights, which I love, and I also really like the grey-lilac shade stroke, and the grey-blue after hours.  

For £7.99 it's another great palette from Makeup Revolution, even if you won't use every shade.  The quality of the shadows is certainly better in their Pro palettes which have a new formula (I've reviewed the Iconic Pro 1 and Iconic Pro 2), so I hope they extend that to other new palettes they bring out, but there are still some brilliant colours here in a workable texture, and I know I'll get a lot of use from this palette.  

Have you tried the Naked Underneath palette?  What do you think of the packaging?



  1. I have to say I'm really not a fan of the faux fur packaging and I'd worry about how dirty it would look after a while. But I do love the shades, so gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I agree and I hope they stick with the normal plastic or rubbery finish for any more new palettes!

  2. This looks like a really good palette, I am not fond of the packaging but the eyeshadows look really pretty x

    1. Yep, not my fave with the fur, but really lovely shadows! x


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