27 Apr 2015

The new polish for tans collection from Models Own - review and swatches

Last spring Models Own launched their polish for tans collection of super bright shades to compliment sunkissed skin and I swatched a few of them here - Models Own polish for tans swatches.  This year they've updated that collection with five popping new shades, and they're super hot.

Left to right these are Beach Hut, Sarong Wrap, Turquoise Sea, Cocktail Hour and Malibu Pink.  All five shades are really gorgeous brights.  Whereas the first polish for tans collection was mainly fluorescents, this collection I'd describe more as super bold brights, although Cocktail Hour is the more fluorescent of these new neon shades.

All of the colours have great coverage and a creamy opaque finish - even the yellow, which can be a real hit and miss streaky colour with some polishes.  

Malibu Pink is my favourite because, well... Barbie.  I just can't help it, I know it's a super tacky bubblegum, but it was the first one I just had to wear.  The orange Beach Hut is my least favourite because I'm just not an orange loving person, but it's for an orange it's a pretty nice shade.  The coral  - Cocktail Hour - is gorgeous and is definitely a flipflop toes shade.  I wouldn't usually opt for a yellow, but something about the tone of Sarong Wrap makes it really wearable, and it would certainly go beautifully with a tan.  Lastly Turquoise Sea is so fresh and bright and it's a total beachy summer colour.    

The Models Own Polish for Tans collection is out soon at the beginning of May.  The polishes cost £4.99 each and you'll find them at Modelsownit.com and Superdrug as well as the Models Own bottleshops.  



  1. The colours are so gorgeous and bright. Will definitely have to pick up some :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥ || Giveaway

  2. These shades are so pretty! Loving the pink!

    Emily x // EmGrace

    1. That's my fave - gotta love a Barbie pink!

  3. Such pretty shades for summer, I am recently loving the purple shade from their Festival collection but I must check out this range too as Turquoise Sea and Cocktail Hour look amazing x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I love brights for summer - I have a swatch of that purple coming up soon btw! :)

  4. Oooo these look so pretty and amazing for Summer. I love how bright they are! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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