26 May 2015

My cute new rose gold rings from QVC

When I was younger I only liked silver jewellery.  My Mum wore gold and I thought it was horrendous and that I'd only wear silver forever.  How times change - gold has come back in a big way, especially in costume jewellery, and I can hardly remember the last time I wore silver.  My real obsession over the past maybe four of five years though, has been rose gold.  It annoys me a bit that everybody likes it now, but at least that means I can find real rose gold pieces a lot easier in the shops!  QVC have a pretty good selection of rose gold and rose gold plated jewellery right now, and I picked out these two gorgeous rings to add to my ever growing rose gold treasure trove.

19 May 2015

Esqido cruelty free mink luxury lashes in BFF and Unforgettable - now available to the UK!

If you read any US beauty blogs or watch American beauty youtubers, you'll probably have heard of ESQIDO false eyelashes already.  They're Tati's favourite (glam life guru on youtube) and I love her, so I desperately wanted to try the lashes she raves about!  They're now available to us in the UK, and I have two pairs of their luxury, cruelty free mink lashes to try out.

15 May 2015

Street Feast Model Market Lewisham 2015 - a foodie adventure and night of full on snacking in South East London

Living in South East London it's easy to feel a little bit deprived of some of the things other Londoners enjoy - we seem to get missed out when it comes to some of the best shops, places to eat and err THE TUBE!!  So it makes a nice change to have the amazing Street Feast street food market in our neck of the woods.  It's on every Friday and Saturday evening over spring and summer, and if you enjoy stuffing your face with super tasty mini morsels of an evening, I highly recommend that you get yourself down to Lewisham (even if you may have to brave it on a bus or *gasp* the overground...).

14 May 2015

Get your wellies on and your tent pitched for the new Festival Collection from Models Own!

If you have plans to head to any festivals this summer then Models Own have you sorted for everything you need to stand out from the crowd and look hot in your facebook photos.  Their new festival collection is crammed with bright and neon colours for nails, lips, face and even hair, so you can sizzle in the sunshine, or more likely, the rain!

11 May 2015

Limited Edition You Beauty discovery box - CEW awards 2015 collaboration

It's been a while since I've felt like trying another beauty box - after a while they got a bit samey and uninspiring for me, but since I've had a break, some serious game-upping seems to have taken place.  This is a limited edition box from You Beauty - the first I've tried from them - and the product line up is seriously impressive, containing both some of my favourites, as well as newer products I've been really wanting to try.

8 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow palette in medium to dark - review and swatches

Makeup Revolution's latest release is really something to get excited about - a brow palette containing everything you need to tame your hairy little caterpillars.  I'm the first to admit that my brows are pretty terrible - their natural shape is rubbish, and there are areas which just don't grow.  I always need to groom and fill my brows as they're very dark, and left to their natural behaviour they'd look a real mess, so I was very excited to get my hands on the Ultra Brow palette which promises bulletproof brows.

7 May 2015

Gousto recipe box review and get £20 off your first delivery with my discount code!

I love cooking, but I'm often short on time if I've worked late, or haven't planned ahead and bought the right things at the supermarket, so too many times we end up eating junk instead of a proper dinner!  I noticed a few different food delivery services popping up lately, and liked the look of the one from Gousto which will send you full dinners to make for two or four people including the recipe and all of every ingredients you need all measured out.  I gave it a go and had a week of three super tasty meals.

6 May 2015

Models Own semi-matt lipstick and hypergel lip gloss swatches

Not content with bringing us some of the best loved nail polish on the highstreet, Models Own are expanding their makeup range with the new lipsticks and lip glosses.  The lipstick are in a semi-matte finish and simple colourful packaging, and the lip glosses imitate the shiny, sleekness of their nail polish namesakes.  I have eight of the 20 new shades available to help you choose - lipstick, or gloss?

1 May 2015

Four great high-street / drugstore mascaras under £10

I'm not a fan of the natural lash look on me - I have dark but very short lashes, and I much prefer a long and full-on lash look, so I'm quite fussy about mascaras.  That being said, I don't think you always need to spend a lot of money to find a good mascara - it's one of the products the high-street brands do really well.  
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