7 May 2015

Gousto recipe box review and get £20 off your first delivery with my discount code!

I love cooking, but I'm often short on time if I've worked late, or haven't planned ahead and bought the right things at the supermarket, so too many times we end up eating junk instead of a proper dinner!  I noticed a few different food delivery services popping up lately, and liked the look of the one from Gousto which will send you full dinners to make for two or four people including the recipe and all of every ingredients you need all measured out.  I gave it a go and had a week of three super tasty meals.

I went for a box for two people containing three meals, and I got to choose which meals I wanted from a list - the list changes every week too, so there's always something new to try.  I really liked the fact that I could choose the meals - I'm not an overly fussy eater, but I didn't like the prospect of having to cook something I might not really fancy eating, which is how some of the other food delivery boxes work, as the selection is random.  

So a giant box turns up on your doorstep and it's all cleverly packaged so that your food isn't damaged and everything stays cool.  

Inside the box I found tonnes of ingredients all packaged up and measured out, ready for me to get cooking, and the recipe cards which clearly show you which ingredients match which recipe and give you step by step cooking instructions.  

The recipes are fairly easy to follow, so much so that my boyfriend who doesn't know how to cook much more than toast or a frozen pizza, wanted to try giving one of them a go.  

The recipes I chose from the ten available that week were Chinese Tamarind Chicken, Steak and Blue Cheese and Pork Mushroom Stroganoff.  

Chinese Tamarind Chicken

This recipe contained a few ingredients I wouldn't usually have on hand, like the tamarind paste and sesame oil, so it was good to be able to try this recipe out without having to buy a full jar / bottle of those.  I found this recipe really easy to follow, and everything seemed to turn out as it should.  The chicken especially was really tasty.  My boyfriend and I both agreed that we liked this recipe, but it wasn't one we'd want to make again - I think possibly we're not huge tamarind fans.

Steak and Blue Cheese

We loved this recipe!  One of the things I've really enjoyed about having the Gousto box is that it's given me ideas and techniques to try that I've not previously come across or thought of.  The recipe for this dish is so simple but amazingly effective for the blue cheese sauce on the steak, and I will 100% be making it again.  The recipe instructions for cooking the meat also ensured it turned out absolutely perfectly (I'm rubbish at cooking steak usually), and although they seemed basic, the cayenne wedges went really well with the rest of the meal and were very tasty.

Pork Mushroom Stroganoff

I left cooking this recipe until last because it just stopped appealing to me after a while - it seemed a little bit too simple, but once we ate it, it was one of our favourites because it was just to flavourful and creamy.  Dan tried to make this one by himself as I was feeling a bit poorly and having a nap, and when I popped into the kitchen to check on him a few amusing things were occurring.  He'd mis-read one of the instructions and was trying to cook the pork whole instead of in strips, so that needed a quick bit of rescuing, and also the step to cut the potatoes into cubes seemed to have been interpreted as just cutting them in half...  Remember he only knows how to make toast, so we'll let him off.  I lent a hand to restore order, but I also made a mistake as this recipe contained the instructions for two or four people, and I didn't realise how that worked, and followed the instructions for four meaning I poured in the whole tub of cream instead of half.  Extra fattening but amazingly tasty, and that's why the plate is swimming a bit!

You can't knock any of these recipes for their flavour, they were all really very tasty and also filling - the portions were all a really fair size and bigger than I was expecting.  The recipes are mainly healthy too, and contain fresh and organic ingredients. I'd definitely recommend giving Gousto box a try.  It's is certainly something I want to try again - not every week, but certainly for times when I want to eat yummy home cooked meals but don't have the time to prep and plan with a full-on food shop.  

We chose the Gousto box with three recipes to feed two people (they have options for four people and for more meals), which costs £34.99, but you can get £20 off your first box at Gousto.co.uk with the code GEMMA50660 - happy eating!



  1. I tried something similar but hated that there was no choice. This sounds much better!

    Lorna | www.studsanddreams.com xx

    1. Probably the Hello Fresh one - that put me off too! I'm not really a fussy eater, but I like to have choices! :)


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