24 Jun 2015

Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette review and swatches

Oooooh look at all those pretty colours!  The Affirmation palette from Makeup Revolution contains 32 gorgeous shades that so wearable, that I just couldn't wait to get stuck in.  The shade choice here is almost overwhelming, and yet the palette will only set you back £8!

I think this palette has a great mix of colours ranging from very pale and nude right through to deep and smoky in cool and warm tones, but all of the colours have that whole neutral, very wearable vibe.  These are the type of colours I'd reach for on a daily basis, and I love having so much choice in the one palette.  As always, the shades are housed in a sturdy, slim palette, with a ginormous mirror!

I've swatched the colours row by row from top to bottom with a light to medium pressure.  I think this gives a more realistic idea of how these colours would appear on your eyes rather and super heavy swatches.  As you can see the shades are mostly shimmer or sheeny shades, but there are some totally matte shades here too, so plenty of options for combining colours on the lid and through the crease.  As with most eye looks I go for, with this palette I tend to pick one of the paler matte shades to go all over the eye, I'll then add one of the shimmery shades to the lid and then apply a matte into the crease in either a medium or dark shade depending on how smoky I want to go.  

On the whole these shades are a little softer than some of the other palettes I've tried from Makeup Revolution - they're not as pigmented as something like the Iconic Pro palettes.  For these type of shades though, so some degree this level of pigmentation works well as one of my major shadow mistakes is always applying too much at once, especially of darker shades, so the softer pigmentation here makes these somewhat easier to work with in a way.  Some of the more shimmery shades could cause a bit of trouble as the coverage on them can be quite sparse, but I find layering them up over one of the pale matte shades helps to intensify the colour.  

My favourite shades in this palette are the shimmery taupe type colours in the third row (no surprise there!) in Reveal, Oath and Rely, and the bottom row has some great crease colours.  

The Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette is out now priced at £8 and you can get it at Makeup Revolution Store online.  



  1. This is such a gorgeous palette, and the shades are right up my street! It's hard to believe that this is only £8 - what an absolute bargain! I love Makeup Revolution so I think I might have to pick this up myself! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  2. I genuinely think I would probably wear every single colour in this palette! The pigmentation doesn't look as pigmented as some of the other palettes though, I will agree!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. These shades look amazing! Shame about the pigmentation but these would be ideal when you want to wear a lighter eye look! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace


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