31 Jul 2015

Models Own Chrome eyeshadow palette review and swatches

Best known for awesome nail polish of course, Models Own occasionally venture into cosmetics too.  Following their recent lipstick and lipgloss launches which were inspired by the hypergel nail polishes, they've now released some new eye palettes which are also linked to their polish lines.  I've been experimenting with the super shiny Models Own Chrome palette, which of course reminds me of the Colour Chrome polish collection of molten metallic shades.  

27 Jul 2015

DIY pedicure tips with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

Keeping your feet in an acceptable condition for flip flops and sandals can be such a chore in the summer.  I think it's one of the many reasons that I prefer winter, as you can just hide unsightly hooves in socks and thick black tights! Regularly going for a pedicure can become an expensive habit, and you need to find the time to fit those appointments in too, so having an at-home alternative like the Scholl Velvet Smooth range might be just what you need.  Personally I don't like paying for something I can do myself, like manis and pedis, tanning and waxing - I'd rather spend more money on things like hair cuts and individual lash application that I'd be hopeless at!

24 Jul 2015

Limited edition Blame it on Nars blush palette swatches - exclusive to Selfridges

Would you take a look at this absolute beauty?  Nars really have their packaging on point with this limited edition blush palette - I don't mind their usual plain black or mirrored affairs, but this packaging is a little work of art.  

I shared the Ultimate Lip Pencil set from the same collection in this post after Selfridges very kindly gave me a sneak preview, but it was the Blame it on Nars blush palette that really caught my attention, and I knew I'd need to place a cheeky order as soon as it was released.

21 Jul 2015

Sunday Riley Luna night oil review - is it worth the money?

Now and again one of those products comes along that you just can't escape.  Everyone's talking about it, and inevitably, I get swept up in the hype.  Usually I'm pretty happy to try out most things to see for myself, but when it's an £85 night oil, it's not such an easy decision!  The Sunday Riley brand in general is one that's drawn a lot of attention from bloggers, and I'd considered a few of their products in the past, before leaving them to languish on my wish list a little longer due to their higher price points, but something about Luna really got me hooked.  

16 Jul 2015

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion and Face Tanner Luxe review and giveaway

Fake tanning is something I fall in love with again every summer – I always forget how great it is to have a gorgeous tan and how much better you can look and feel once you have a lovely bronze glow.  I forget because I’m not one of those people who can be bothered to keep up their tanning routine all year round – I envy those that do, but I’m just too lazy!  I generally get the tanning bug around May when the sun has started shining and flip flop and bare leg season is starting up.  

Oddly enough, the time I’m most into fake tanning is right before I go on my summer holiday!  I always go away quite late in the year, so I fake my glow right up until September, and then I really turn up the tan right before I go away, because I hate looking all pale and pasty that first day at the beach or by the pool.  Having a tan makes me feel much more confident in my swimwear as I think it makes you look a bit slimmer and more toned, and can help hide cellulite and other imperfections that we’d rather not highlight! 

13 Jul 2015

New from Kiehl's - Daily Reviving Concentrate review

Kiehl's has become one of my most trusted skincare brands, in particular I love the Ultra Facial Cream (I'm on my fourth tub!) and Midnight Recovery Oil.  I think one of the reasons is that Kiehl's is a brand that doesn't rely on gimmicks, crazy packaging or clever marketing tricks - the brand is all about the science, research, and ingredients which really work.  I love popping along to Kiehl's launches because everyone is so passionate about the brand, and I always come away having learnt something new about how our skin works from Kiehl's dermatologist, Dr Geyer.  

The latest launch from Kiehl's will have Midnight Recovery Concentrate fans jumping up and down, because it's a similar oil that's been developed for daytime use.  It's called Daily Reviving Concentrate and it's designed to fight daily skin stresses and fatigue, helping to prevent your skin from looking tired and haggered by 5pm! Over time the concentrate combats dullness, dehydration and rough texture - all of which I'm certainly keen on, as it's not just fine lines that can make us look older, it's the all round appearance of the skin.  

9 Jul 2015

Maybelline haul - the new Master Sculpt contour and highlight powder - review and swatches

I have the new Maybelline master sculpt contouring duo to play with, so I thought I'd also show you what I've picked up from Maybelline lately, as all of these things are fast becoming favourites in my makeup collection.  I've been meaning to try to Instant anti-age eraser eye concealer for ages, but the lightest shade is almost always out of stick, but I finally found it.  I also picked up two of the Color Drama lip pencils which are frequently compared to Nars velvet matte lip pencils.

6 Jul 2015

Lemon drizzle blueberry loaf cake recipe

I get stuck in a bit of a rut of making the same old cakes, which is why I've not shared a baking post here in a long old while.  It's not a terrible prediciment to be in, there's still cake involved albeit repetitive, but I decided I needed to broaden my baking skills and try something new.  Somehow a 'cake Thursday' situation has evolved at work where a group of us take it in turns to bring in cake (or cheeseboards and other goodness!) once a week - homemade or whatever you like.  For my turn I thought I'd shun my trusty cupcake and basic chocolate sandwich recipes and finally unwrap the loaf tin I've had lurking in my cupbord for a few years...

3 Jul 2015

Nivea Sun protect and bronze sun protection range review

With the UK heatwave going strong, it seems like just the right time to talk about the Nivea protect and bronze sun care range.  Nivea sent me a selection of their products to try out, although I'm already familiar with some of their sun care, as Nivea is the brand I usually opt for when browsing the aisles of Boots ahead of my summer holiday each year.  I think I usually go for these because Nivea's a brand I know and trust, and because they usually have great buy one get one free deals!

1 Jul 2015

Vichy Pureté Thermale fresh cleasnsing gel and cleansing micellar oil review

I've been trying out two cleansers from the new Vichy Pureté Thermale range which is designed to combat the negative effects of pollution and hard water.  They're both brilliant products, especially for using in summer as they have an amazing almost sun creme like scent, and the cleansing gel especially, feels to refreshing and cool on the skin.  
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