29 Oct 2015

Too Faced haul of gorgeousness - Cocoa Contour, Love Flush Blush, Melted Metal lipstick and Love eyeshadow palette

There's nothing more satisfying to me than photographing beautiful makeup in pretty packaging.  My photography skills are kind of still evolving, but when it comes to shooting products as good looking as this, even I can't mess it up!  The products I'm talking about today are some new and new-ish launches from the Gods of amazingly presented makeup - Too Faced.


26 Oct 2015

Florida 2015 part 1 - My top tips for staying at Walt Disney World

I went on holiday to Florida in September - we did the whole theme park thing and had such an amazing time.  I've been to Florida before, but not for a good few years, so I'd been building up to this and planning everything all year.  It was amazing to finally get there and follow my plans, but also so sad when it was all over!  I always intend to share more travel stuff on this blog, but never seem to get around to it, but this time I think I'm really going to enjoy sharing my holiday memories and tips with you so that I can re-live the magic too!  


22 Oct 2015

Free Marks and Spencers beauty gift worth £60 (with a £25 purchase in store)

Since Marks and Spencer started stocking other brands a few years back, it paved the way for a whole new beauty hall experience on the high street.  Their beauty offering has kept on growing, including well known favourites as well as more unique and boutique brands.  

20 Oct 2015

Models Own Hypergel Twilight collection review and swatches

Arriving home from a lovely holiday is always a bit of a downer, especially when you're faced with back to work blues, sudden cold temperatures and heaps of washing!  The perfect pick me up for me whilst doing all that unpacking was sorting through my post, and opening four beautiful shades from Models Own's new Twilight Hypergel collection...

14 Oct 2015

Brow taming must-haves - Silk Fibre Brow, Delilah Brow Line and Benefit Brows a-go-go

It's easy to become a little bit obsessed with your brows, isn't?  It's true that they really do frame your face, and can completely change or finish your look, depending on what you do with them, but they're also pretty tricky customers to deal with.  These days I'm a fan of having a professional work their magic on my brow shape with waxing or threading and during the summer I paid my first visit to Benefit's brow wizards at the Carnaby Street boutique brow bar.  I enjoyed a brow mapping session followed my tinting and waxing.  Amy did my brows - she's really lovely by the way, and has amazing quirky nail art - and made an excellent job of giving me a really good shape without taking too much off.  The brow mapping really helped me to understand how to figure out where my brows should start and finish to get their overall shape, and although she firmly told me I mustn't pluck between visits, I just can't help myself - my brows grow really quickly, honest!

8 Oct 2015

Autumn skincare - Kiehl's newness and old favourites

As autumn creeps in, my skincare routine naturally steps up a gear to prepare for the unfriendly conditions ahead.  Hydrating masques become an essential, and extra layers of hydration are needed daily to combat both the cold outdoor temperatures and the drying effects of central heating.  I’ve been conducting a little review of my current skincare options in preparation for the chilly times approaching, and realised I’m really happy with all of the Kiehl’s products I’ve been using lately, and will be carrying them through to the new season, so I thought I’d share them with you, old and new. 

5 Oct 2015

Trying out the Lipofirm Pro cellulite treatment at Waterlily Beauty Clinic in Dalston

Everyone has a different part of their body that they dislike, or would want to change if they could, and for me it's my thighs. For as long as I can remember I've carried extra weight there. There are worse problems in the world I know, and generally it doesn't take over my life, as I can just hide them away. It's all good, until it's time to go on holiday. At the beach, pool or water park, my thighs have nowhere to hide, and having them on show really fills me with dread! So as you can imagine, when I was invited to try a non-surgical lipo treatment less than a week before my holiday, I leapt at the chance (but not that high because, you know, chunky thighs...).

The treatment I had is called Lipofirm Pro and the salon I went to is called Waterlily Beauty Clinic, based in Dalston. They specialise in advanced face and body treatments using new technologies and you'll find the same kind of treatments and techniques as you would on Harley Street, but at much friendlier prices! 
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